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This is an effective killer people who are very vulnerable must stay isolated and protected New York days from running out of ventilators Washington state's governor returning four hundred to the national stockpile for use in hot spots like New York City in New Orleans Oregon's governor sending one hundred forty two New York yesterday a slight glimmer of hope I see you admissions and deaths down slightly Saturday in New York City Illinois's governor Jay Pritzker says he's given up on the federal government really showing up in ways he thinks it should says the nine governors who have yet to put mandatory stay at home orders in place unfortunately have been listening to president trump his state reporting nearly nine hundred additional cases of corona virus more than eleven thousand so far and thirty one additional deaths testing positive for corona virus the fire commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt captain Brett crozier relieved of command after a letter to navy brass sounding the alarm about an outbreak on board the aircraft carrier wound up in a newspaper he showed symptoms before he was removed from the warship Thursday America is listening to fox news and now the lands of liberty here's how incredible many of us see America as the land of opportunity but if you teach at the university of California you'd better not say so it's one of a number of prohibited phrases now ordinary thoughts such as everyone can succeed if they work hard enough I know calls micro aggressions considered examples of sub conscious racism so in the hiring process ians are not allowed to ask normal questions like where are you from or worse yet to say the most qualified person should get the job university officials should look through the lens of liberty and remember is that freedom of thought opinion and expression is the bedrock principle of American society is someone twisted view of political correctness more important than preserving our freedom go to lands of liberty dot org you won't believe what you hear British prime minister Boris Johnson hospitalized he tested positive for corona virus ten days ago says he still has symptoms and they're running some tests as a precaution the fifty five year old says he is still running the government this is Queen Elizabeth broadcast an address to the nation like her father did during World War two Queen Elizabeth saying she hopes Britain's will rise to the challenge but the corona virus pandemic and those who come office will say the presence of this generation were strong as any in a rat televised message the queen describing an increasingly challenging time but insisting we will succeed we should take comfort well we may have most children deal better days will return the monarch offering thanks to those on the frontline of the outbreak and also to anyone else hearing to states homeowners saying those measures are protecting the vulnerable in London Simon nine fox news has Europe started to flatten the corona virus current in Spain a drop in the number of deaths from the virus Sunday for the third straight day in Italy there is hope that the country is now on the downward part of the infection and death rate curves there daily number of deaths is at its lowest point in more than two weeks but health officials in that country are warning people that restrictions on movement could still last for several more weeks and the tallies of infections in Britain are going up they experienced a jumping corona virus death that outpaced Italy rob Dawson fox news burned about fifty acres Ukraine's government says a wildfire burning near the shutter Chernobyl nuclear plant is out and radiation levels have returned to normal some people still live near the site of what's considered the world's worst nuclear disaster the ACM awards push back so country music.

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A new story from Liberty Talk Programming

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