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Comfort Food Uncomfortable?


Hello and welcome to this week's edition of the Green Wisdom Health show. I'm Janet Lewis and Dr Louis and we are hoping this show find you guys doing well staying out of the viruses way and being healthy and with that we've noticed a few of your post with some pictures on it of things we thought we might should address Called is comfort food making you uncomfortable. Because as good as this all his tasting there may be some consequences coming down the pike for eating incorrectly. So Dr Lewis is going to help educate us today and tell us about maybe some ways that we can try to stay healthier during this time because they are very much correlating people. That are getting this to being unhealthy. So if you're new to the show we're going to tell you ways that you can start getting healthy your listeners of our show We appreciate you very much and GonNa make a special offer for you at the end of the show and Have a couple of questions to answer. So Dr Lewis. Now that you're all doing good over there and stay in peppy and healthy. Can you tell us how to stay out of the Sugar Bowl? I'm sorry go ahead. Yeah I got the look on that one You know week so ago. Jonathan said you know we were talking about stress on the shooting straight with Dr Louis facebook group which I wish more people would join because we have fun here He said a little blue bunny would help. I said Bluebell had blue bell last night but I changed the microbiome in my gut Enough that it didn't really taste the same and then Brian Down in Florida Kinda got in it and said Bluebells Stress Reliever Law Dead Blue Bell again last night. I've done some stress eating because Well there's much more good things coming out of people under stress and there's a few people that are spending a little more Benham and I sugar. You know I'd. I'd much rather have sugar than alcohol when I'm stressed but and I've gained two pounds. Yep Two pounds and it makes me uncomfortable and its people at have Tennessee toward diabetes and heart disease and door high blood pressure which I think is the same thing as heart disease. They're the ones that Are much much much more susceptible to this cove? Nineteen and many other things so you but you've got understand just because the media says it long enough in loud enough doesn't necessarily make it true because I just talked to lady that Works in both of the big hospitals here and she says now. We're not busy at all. She says Kobe. Nineteen is a thing. But it's about ninety percent smoke mirrors and not real You know here's that. Thank though as the media pushing all this fear and death. I don't know but I'm GonNa tell you. Fear doesn't Stop Death. It stops laugh in life as we know it now. Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's troubles it only takes away today's peace and I hope that you will remember that and you know that being said something that would be applicable anytime. Are you a viewer or a doer? They're so many people as gathering information and not doing anything with it. The Bible says faith without works is dead. So if you're not doing you know because the Internet. There's a lot of viewers a lot of people that are gathering information. Not Do anything with it so I would invite you to take action because the only thing that determines your health or destiny is whether you choose to live big. Imagine big and do it. Go big or go. Home is my advice to you. You know I'm not really bold and and rob up in Lake Orion Michigan Lubbock Guy. He said he's talking about my mask. Don't shoot straight with my crown. Royal made out of a crown royal bag and he says I think you're the kind of person that doesn't like the word can't said your psychic because I know I I'm in charge my destiny. I think we'll let you know at my age. I looked back at all the things I've worried about. Ninety nine percent didn't come true and the one percent that did country wasn't half as bad as I thought is going to be anyway so folks life's too short not to be having fun and our job here. Our Goal Janet and my goal is to help you be healthy enough to feel good to have life have life more abundantly and feel good. Why you get there. They lend good. It's a lot easier to have fun and isn't lap supposed to be fun.

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