Seattle: Thieves are Hiring the Homeless to Shoplift


There's a growing trend by thieves to hire the homeless and drug addicts to steal for them investigators say the crime bosses are taking advantage of the lack of prosecution more on this in a project Seattle report from couples Matt Markovich their brazen almost knowing they can get away with it they're all shoplifters according to home depot wheeling out full carts of stuff this guy loses boxes of tools tries to pick up the goods is confronted by store employees realizing he's stealing dishing the carton grabbing a box and run these often run to a waiting car that bulls once the goods and the fee for inside Texas alive people won't disclose its losses to shoplifting but is CFO said recently fast is the most significant impact to its profit margin forecast nearly three quarters of a million dollars is lost to theft for every billion in sales according to a nationwide survey of retailers sixty percent of those retailers blamed the new aggressiveness by organized retail theft rings sample home depot says this woman is trying to steal after several please attempt to stop work she doesn't give up and fight back HD taking a swing and an employee before leaving the store empty handed with even more alarming is who the rings are hiring we have seen these places recruit people mainly for noble population of people are taking advantage of the growing population of homeless and drug addicts some desperate for cash for their next fix for their next meal hiring them to steal we have seen them on several occasions given last of the product that they want and then in return they come into our stores take that product to give back to them and then that's when the expense being resold the owner of two pawn shops in canton rent and is now under federal investigation for storing millions of dollars of stolen goods looting vulnerable people to steal for cash we are not naming the stores or the owner because he has not been charged tell me these people are lining up as one of the pawn shops to get their list of items to steal turning what they stole in their original packaging some by this whole to return the items back to the store for gift cards on the dark web here three thousand dollars worth of cars are going for just three hundred dollars four items shop on the Facebook marketplace or websites like offer clues as home depot many box items showing up in one picture we will do our investigation figure out who the fencing location is who the main person as and then hand the evidence over to police but then comes the frustrating part I believe that there's really no punishment anymore for shoplifting you know exciting release and the the criminals know that so we're very vulnerable to that right now the law does not allow them to be stopped before they leave the store state lawmakers are now considering changing the definition of staff to allow store security and police to stop a shoplifter inside a store if they conceal an item reasonable for the door will still be hard to stop in Seattle not market which promoted

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