Chicago - North Central College Quarterback Broc Rutter Jumping From Division III To NFL


Separate sports September the raptors back this can't be a Niners are making some moves what you make of well pretty good they sign nine undrafted free agents including Chris Frank five nine hundred eighty five pound wide receiver at or Notre Dame and here's a guy I think everybody's gonna like quarterback Broc Rutter out of north central college in Naperville Illinois runner set the division three record for career passing yards at north central and this past season led the north central cardinals to the division three championship completing seventy one percent of his passes for four thousand five hundred ninety one yards and fifty six TV's he won the Galardi trophy division three's a quibble at of the Heisman the twenty three year old is pumped up to be added to the forty Niners it's a great city great organization then and some of the best coaches under there just so great to have a great track record with undrafted free agents and so on that opportunity came I didn't even think about any other options runner on NBC sports Chicago he's from Naperville severed a suburb of Chicago he's well aware of Jimmy Garoppolo's career arc Jimmy G. grew up about thirty miles from Naperville in Arlington Heights inflated eastern Illinois cool that to another guy this Bourbon geyser I'm in San Francisco point on the same to yourself and I just can't wait to get there and learn from him and and learn how he does things yeah and boy there are a lot of great cornerbacks in that neck of the woods runners head coach in north central was Jeff Thorne who like Jimmy Garoppolo's played QB at eastern Illinois the cornerbacks with the most passing yards in eastern Illinois history our garage below saints head coach Sean Payton former cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Jeff Thorne and now rodder comes from Naperville and north central and he sets the division three all time career passing record for yards man I don't know what they're doing back there but there's a pretty good

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