Dallas - Kristaps Porzingis’ dominance continues as Mavericks rip Grizzlies


Spectacular night for poor easing guys helping the Mavericks seal back to back victories K. R. L. these trade Juergens with the story it was a one twenty one ninety six victory for the mavs that frankly never seemed in doubt Christos forcing us led the team with twenty six points and eleven boards and help spur up a huge third quarter for Dallas who put up thirty four points and only allowing sixteen to Memphis forcing us was one of six Mavericks with double digits as Luka curry right Jackson Lee all chipped in with ten or more points the maps still sit in seventh in the Western Conference but share the same amount of wins with the thunder and rockets with thirty nine but have more losses than those two teams next up for the masses the Indiana Pacers traveling down for six o'clock tip at the A. C. Sunday night

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