Boston - Massachusetts preparing for peak of COVID-19 cases in April


With with the the state state expecting expecting a a surgeon surgeon coronavirus coronavirus cases cases in in the the next next week week or or so so governor governor Charlie Charlie Baker's Baker's says says more more help help is is arriving arriving for for medical medical workers here's WBZ's Mike Macklin governor Baker says Massachusetts is in a constant battle to obtain the personal protective equipment doctors nurses emergency respond is so desperately need but that gear is beginning to arrive yesterday the command center posted a P. P. E. distribution summary online which will be updated regularly that describes the kind of personal protective equipment that has been distributed across the state and where it's been distributed to that includes over three hundred and sixty thousand aircraft masks over seven hundred thousand mass hundred sixty thousand gallons and almost two million blogs this PP is going to nursing homes hospitals health centres local public safety boards of health and other health care facilities across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is also received an additional two hundred ventilators from the Federal Emergency Management Agency as the state braces itself fully anticipated peaking Colbert doing teen infections and deaths over the next two

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