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Coronavirus cases reported in New York today two hundred thirty seven people have died over the past twenty four hours nearly one thousand in New York so far it's why president trump asked the CDC to put a travel advisory in place for New York New Jersey and Connecticut he had considered a full blown quarantine which governors of those states doubted was even legal the president wanted to consider all the options he was obviously concerned what was going on with New York he spoke to the task force he spoke to the governors and he was comfortable that people would take this advisory very seriously and and would not travel treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin on fox news Sunday New Jersey governor Phil Murphy saying on ABC's this week R. three states and I know not New Jersey obviously the best we're we're doing about as aggressive a set of steps is any states in America right now read island had required new Yorkers to be quarantined for two weeks after new York's governor Andrew Cuomo threatened to sue that policy expanded late last night to include everyone from out of state Florida stopping cars from Louisiana at its border Louisiana has nearly three thousand corona virus cases with New Orleans and neighboring Jefferson parish accounting for all but forty of the state's roughly one hundred twenty deaths a convention center that sheltered people displaced by hurricane Katrina about to become an emergency hospital we obviously have the spread that is growing faster than than we would like to see we remain on the trajectory a really to overwhelm our capacity to deliver healthcare by the end of the first week in April governor John bel Edwards on ABC's this week seventeen states already reporting more than a thousand cases America is listening to fox news one century ago experienced its deadliest pandemic the Spanish flu of nineteen eighteen infected nations around the world killing millions in the decades have swept the lives of millions more but none have been quite like this one of our is now a global pandemic Broadway will be shut down the NBA suspending gameplay Paul street briefly suspending trading today it is impacted Hollywood it is in capital this is like now go inside the lives of people living haven't seen each other in ten days how you can stay safe from the virus we still have a long way to go there will be many more cases will take care of this nation brings special that makes president future five and then the next one fox nation they're cleaning up.

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