How to Sell to Crack Into All the Government Spending


I hope found this company called gump spin we help companies Celta government. We actually help. Government DO BUSINESS WITH COMPANIES. We kinda work on both sides of the street. I started my career in the DC area actually started my career as a civilian working for the navy so actually helped government process. Actually something unique. I actually helped sell F. Eighteen fighter jets two. Us Navy into some international Countries at that point really grew that experiencing to last twenty five years really helping again companies either. Sell the government or helping the governor of process extreme line Spent most of my career and currently of a suitable Proto virus time. You know we have been exploding. It certainly very hot topic while the money. The government's putting into spending by the only the only illumination spending more money here currently so we really the knicks just exploding less of a week. So what does government spend? Do exactly sure so a governor. We wish started many years ago. Ten years ago I had a prior company. We saw with the laptops. The police cars are sold to the government that was my most recent gates selling directly to the government and during that time for a of times you can sell the government. Sometimes the process doesn't make sense right. You're like why did he do man what happened but we found out. It's like the old saying years ago. Follow the money right and so what we started do. At the end of that company we started to gather the purchase orders from government agencies. Work with what we found as we started to gather that for our own company it was super insightful. So for example. Hey if you saw company work with a company nine. A few solid agency weren't company for nine straight year nine or ten straight years. The chances you're gonNA come in and displace them is really small. If you saw an agency use a new vendor every two years of a much better shot at that contract right makes total sense but we as outsiders. We don't know that when we were doing business so reason I'll tell you that would go spend started to do many many years ago. Is We gather all the purchase orders from government agencies? We GO GOVERNMENT TO EIGHT GOVERNMENT AGENCY GOVERNMENT AGENCY FEDERAL STATE LOCAL. Gather all their purchase orders. And we put in this online database or folks can query just like Google. You sell widgets you can go online. It's it's amazing you can see. Every government agency buys a widget. You could see who they're buying from and what they pay. It is eating in the world of kind of government sales. So that's where we started. We blossomed into a variety of things. But that's the core of what Gulf spend does super unique patented by US. Just amazing ride last several years at. And how do you process all those purchase orders and what form do you? GimMe GonNa pdf format or you can imagine. It's all over the map rights and there's ninety thousand plus government agencies. I would say like I'm in a room with people. Say Write Down Your name address. Telephone number social security number. You know some of the information if I asked ten people do what they all do it differently right at all someone ready to on the line somewhat stacking someone put their own over the Franchisee. Someone's issues dashes someone as a commander with ninety thousand government agencies. They all do it completely different. So one of the things that makes us turn and burn a proprietary piece of software. We get the foul from government agencies. They come in every format you name it from Seattle electronically try to obviously get digital. And so we have a piece of software similar to ingest that information it's able to Parse it out and then we put it up in our database with make aquarium on about twenty four hours. So it's it's a huge set of data. It's about you folks a sense. It's about two hundred fifty times the size of Wikipedia. So it's a normal database but that's the thing that makes churning Burns's piece of software in about ten years so I see from your history. You sold the company to lexis-nexis this sounds a lot like what Lexis nexis does for lawyers through. It's really interesting. That was some of the impotence of this solution so we were again. We were at the time selling the public safety agencies again. We have this mostly substance. They have a laptop car life. A ten point fifteen years ago. That was very very unique so we help that marketing. Kinda grow right prior to that kind of singing. Hey how does this data and make it more scalable? How DO WE HELP? More people use it because we were we kind of use it in our own functioning of our company. That's exactly what we're looking at the net lexus. Next model how they use the data and kind of use that insurance where the government market so very very announce

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