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The Coronavirus Conspiracy? Truth and Myths with Dr. Ala Stanford, MD


Love them. This is a very special edition of on wide with Angela. Rye I have the great privilege of introducing to some of you in reintroducing U. Two others and dismiss that out but what I'm saying Dr Alasdair burglarizing Haxhi physician and surgeon or more than twenty years. She is board certified by the American would have surgery in most pediatric and adult. General Surgery is women's history. Months are would be remiss if I did also notes that she was the first black woman to complete general surgery training at the University of Pittsburgh for her research in both basic science. Clinical Research in also public health has been published in peer reviewed medical journals. She serves as a medical consultant and correspondent. They start healthcare advocate for so many. And why end mother? Thank you so much for joining us today. Dr Ella you in her hands are so sorry. All right so I wanted to do that. I know you know very well and that is before you get started with the patient you wash your hands and since clearly so many of us don't know how to do that. Show his house. So we'RE GONNA turn one water though on with some so the actor who in Armenian ladder the ladder is. You're getting all your finger. You're getting under the your nail and monkeys will say eighty eight songs In your land rain bad for them usually not wearing a rain either. B-actor bars can be bought in your jewelry at rent. Ricky and I bribed mine in thoroughly it there. You can also transmit actor in Mars. Inside legally or ends is sometimes apper Or NOT NEAR. So war can use apple You're clean burs. It's Issue in greater than sixty percent alcohol Eddie. She gave her front in your in in weight or early bride when it diverts most protection Admires her fate. Were thank you very much. Thank now we're ready to go. Dr Ready to start first feature false. I know this is a very serious subject matter so I'm not making light of it but I think the way that we process information. These days is in quick bites. I rather Quick by done to. We're talking to people in ways that they can understand. I want to start your tour. All Cove in nineteen is the same thing as the Kerala virus ninety is the same bay acid lumbar or see is for Arouna. I'm from the buys. Brown and finds all run is or fires in the the is disease. So Ground Myers in nineteen thirty year. It will be nice is okay and then in eighth grade and so the next at shoe or cost Sherpas Cova nineteen was started by consuming bat or frog suit in Wuhan China so a boss or you know get numbers that Arnie is originally from. Okay a thought now I actually others in ager man is at Brown back to hang around which is a mammal ent- year and for Matt was transferred to Houston where it resume at Napa slacks natural place on the later dean at it out. Ninety five percent of course is this mail and then in a hose if so injury binds our sappers as in. As Roma's after that that's how it's mutating ended so susceptible affirmative close or a grown man. He true romance but lightly bands. Wow okay the next one is our falls. Warmer weather can kill the virus so the Kerala virus will go away once Spring and summer come. Awesome writing and explaining our okay. Here's what you're one is driving me. Nuts black folks can get back Rona about back that off off off. But you know we're at our as Arab Americans in our relationships with our healthcare system had not always been off in there. Were chairman there were three of the HP b-cell there were so many days in times. You're tested the tested as lack of trust historic president. The accents that he received offers end is not sub and it doesn't matter At nonsenses Iger these one affluent on or only a is added. Eric Liver is it not is Madison as not guess world a bill is not learning. Its not strangely year. Widens because of the lack of trust fund from sort in present-day Practices Chandler. We can yet. I'm telling you add NAPN narrative. I practicing all listening in other than by Hindu to prevent myself in my family. Am I doing this lead in Dr a more to come on his arm hypochondriac any tissue? I'm running against tissue. Okay tissue sitting here. Wake up a belief in their way. No this that there. Beautiful Up Yours you okay. Here's the next. I'm not biased or anything. But sure off the governor of New York Andrew. Cuomo is he handling this crisis better than Y'all President Donald. J trump age Governor Cuomo is leading by symbol. Yeah and when there are nine lead as accurate Eagle in New Year. He has do you know what I mean. Look you like I have never experienced. Remember the actor about a law. Say That so the fourth largest in the United States is inner twenty million people. Nine know that is buyers Gates Fred. It's clinically in dense conway's New York City. You can't walk down the street without someone and so forth so I think that they're acting east so will lead also protect spread neighboring state. Jerry Nadler is your lab.

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The Coronavirus Conspiracy? Truth and Myths with Dr. Ala Stanford, MD

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