92 new coronavirus cases reported in Kentucky


O. W. Kentucky governor ended this year says under the state's stay at home order he wants residents to still go outside to get fresh air and exercise but they cannot forget about social distancing as the state reported ninety two new cases Saturday and it's nine deaths due to cover nineteen I don't mean you can't get out and enjoy the outside but it does mean you can't socialize with people when you're out there right now healthy at home it's your patriotic duty as a Kentucky and and as an American the latest death think Kentucky is a sixty six year old woman from Kenton county the first in northern Kentucky there are now three hundred ninety four total cases of the corona virus in the state seven new tested of the crowd of Irish reported Saturday in Indiana as well the twelve hundred total cases have been reported Franklin County has twenty three confirmed cases and two deaths in southeast Indiana so it's going to county reporting its first case Ohio county still with one case Dearborn county is eight cases and they have had one

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