Carine Roitfelds Remarkable Fashion Career


Wanted to start. I mean everyone by now knows you know all of the amazing things you've done in Russia but I wanted to start by asking you. What was your first fashion moment? When was the moment a kind of clicked with you that this was going to be? Calm your of her. It was time longtime ago. What fashion was not consider? It was today if you say I want to work in fashion. People think you are just superficial person and one. My mother was winning French L. Each week and I was watching French L. And the like it on the really like it. But how old were you at the time? I think I was maybe twelve years or something that and I like it. I don't pages and I really like it but it's my mom. Asked me what you want to do to save up to work in? Fashion will be impossible. Okay but the essence. Click Congress and I start with French. Ed Is that so your your career there and when you started at French how What was going on in fashion at that time. What do you remember? It was amazing because my God is seen some very old ladies. It was not. We were working with advertisers. So is not the advertisers in fashion. So last page of the magazine were just seem for knitting and it was very free and we're just going to French that say designers and there's a ton we to move to each designer to make some shopping so I take also Mitchell to go to jump on who to go to Shapur peak hours a great appear office so you will meet everyone. It was easier. Because you have not was not international was not instagram's he wasn't a tweet feet so you have to move yourself. Tudjuk laws and pickup yourself and you meet the designer Oldham. Who was your favorite designer? That you used to wear sheltered papa. He's fun and Chop Wa Eze only designers at took everything as that Fashion Kentucky but football movies everything and you never talk about himself and he makes me laugh on trump were recently. He did his last shows at that because I have two two. Gophers discover acronym state. But I was very happy for him and I seen it so always sadly someone who seek is. A huge talent was because settled stop by the city was white and he did something good people eat. Very what a very nice fire we say. I guess that thing that really changed your career and kind of took it to the next level was working. Tom Ford Right. I mean he's your become international. Yeah it pushed me to speak English. Yeah yes how did you meet him? So long story was working with. Mario Testino at the time and Tom Brady was lawsuit of our assessment equals mini mini mini. Tom's to see him. And you see what is good? She we stop for which he just Apollo for. We're not interested to work for Gucci to US blowing right and that he tom Com to the studio were shooting in summer. And we're just finding westworld. Chumming so sexy. We decide to what we didn't just because he was chummy and Thomas you could be farish arming. It goes a long way right and fashion to be good with people and to be persistent. He's twenty five years. I'm working with stone. Yeah so friendship could be possible in fashion. Tom So I start with. Zinni was the first time I never did consulting before we may not know what was about you know and I work with into I compare with me and after did all this show for Tom. Olga cheese and some of son-in-law and keep using. Wow and do you have any particular angry that you think was like most kind of emblematic of that time with working with Tom in those early days of Gucci? Is there one image that you created together that one you major people forgot Twas NOT SURI FOR BUCCI was back company no SOS even for. She worked deserves a with bags bags back. Spa Lady about was part of the look and I remember I think it was. The first design not put so many bags on one way and use a single in for me. He opened William. My is it was. I note to put so often on diversity series no one show is not gossip call off as he guards God because he saw his girls are beauty. Ernie plus my customer could be Black Mukasa Maccabi Chinese so I want them to be happy to look to dream about the clothes that keeps ago. Twas her you know is hoping my mind but Jeez yeah yes. He was witty several no subtle but in the same of quitter party and we guarantee for men and boys as he was dumb and then. I know we're we're moving through your career choice quickly because there's so much to talk about but I mean your tenure for ten years at Paris folk was a defining moment. I think obviously I think your even your own personal sense of style was so reflected in the pages of that magazine and it really became mean. Your style became kind of equated with the style of French women everywhere around the world right. So what were you when you first took on that role F. French vogue I mean what was that like. I think John was very nice and crazy to give his job. Because I never do anything was ever necessarily said new jobs. So many people forty people to take care is a lot of responsibility. You know when you talk about career. Maybe something very important to people you meet in. You Live Dawar timing so I won as you say was Tom. Maybe before Tom. It was Mario because the ones that makes me understand let alone distant meet in fashion after it was Tom. And after the third one was Genita- open mitigate of French vogue and Jonathon. Let me do everything I want. Honesty give me. It was like a golden cage but I can do everything and I think because this was good and I think I'm making love it. Would he loves me do everything I want and when you're looking at fogs. He tweeted. Meaning you have to cigarette. Newton Boorda all these amazing photographer and for the eighty to ensure that push him. You know seriously this was fearless and now it's all this picture arts museum but today it would be impossible to print newton big show. Boredom picture will be very difficult because why because today it will say all because of mature be off too much nudity. GotTa Too Young. We see too much sex. We see the helps pubis She is a very small freedom sitcoms that we have today and fortunately and do you think some of that is for good. There's some there's been a lot of changes with regards the way we think about young models and the pressure to put they put under so in a way some of the changes a good. Yeah I totally agree with you me with the modal hours. Think about them like a mama so I don't think it was one model. Don't call don't be naked. Putu Kotonu hours very predictive eat. They could teak. I'm very predictive with modern but as with to put exam and You know were smoking. Smoking is a great gesture for fashion. But at the time my father was spooking. Jesmond was spooky was ways we smoke. We didn't know it was bad for thirty years. We U- secret impression today. We noticed that good so we try not to cigarettes in fashion and to a lot of singles and even we keep learning. You know what I put to Alabama Muslim scarf on the cover of magazine and after two pusher to do shows I understand something because she asked black private cabin for is like a sewer. She was ways you notice. She's boring what she asked for that. Okay do for our. We did over affinity. She was wide and I saw all these naked guards photographer taking pictures he. She's what this is not placebo. So now I say or Offer to ever out when to stop to address if I didn't think this way so also people open you eyes

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