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Will Pennsylvania schools re open next month KDKA radio's Jody Steele takes a look


Pennsylvania schools re open next month KDKA radio's Jody Steele takes a look and records have been set in the filing of unemployment claims both in Pennsylvania and across the nation all at five thirty on KDKA radio this is a Bloomberg money minute a few days ago we were talking about the Dow's worst percentage drop since nineteen thirty three but the past three days have seen the Dow jumped twenty one percent for its biggest three day streak since nineteen thirty one today adding six of the third birth that up thirteen hundred fifty two points the nasdaq rose four hundred thirteen five and six tenths percent the S. and P. one hundred fifty five six and a quarter percent for its biggest three day rally since April of nineteen thirty three investors are looking at the two trillion dollar federal aid package making its way through Congress as a cure for the coronavirus shut downs even with the historic number of first time jobless claims filed last week more than three and a quarter million Boeing was a big part of the Dow's gains up nearly fourteen percent because of what a vertical partners analyst called the mother of all bailouts the federal aid bill sets aside about eighty eight billion dollars for aviation I'm John Duggar Bloomberg radio happy Easter this is Dave Ross on the CBS news radio network presented by zoom video conferencing a note from a listener quote I don't believe the virus is a hoax but I do believe it is being overblown most of the population will survive this infection the

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Will Pennsylvania schools re open next month KDKA radio's Jody Steele takes a look

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