Over the Road


I want you to think about the last time you took a long drive pull onto the freeway and merge into the center lane. A few cars doctor wrote ahead and the pavement stretches on for miles. Take a SIP OF COFFEE. Accelerate set the cruise control. Then around the bend. You see the back of a tractor trailer. It has a license plate from some faraway state. And as you come alongside the cab you can just make out one arm slung over the steering wheel as you look for. Just a second. You wonder worse at trump going. What's inside it? And who's that person behind the wheel? Well there's a slight chance that person was me. I've driven a truck for almost forty years. Now some help from the good folks at Radio Topiary and overdrive magazine. I'm GonNa take you along for a ride going. Deep into the world of trucking live it love at Murray that lead to hear stories of the past with the Hugh strings on staring loan? World is changing. Today it's the freedom of it and that's kind of being taken away out. Go ahead of the truck stops from coast to coast yet. Here hunt down the best manner manner pudding on I seventy five. You do now the story behind the Manor football out here in this lowest. We'll pick up a load of milk in Indiana Hall through the Patch of Nebraska. And meet some of the seedier characters down at the docks of Poblano Beach Florida. Along the way we'll talk music and mythology moroder. They're on their own regulation relationships. Any you might. You might see your dad like four days a month at that point in time you hear the voices then Chile overnight radio. Deejays though songs can come right through you and pistol packing trucking granny's you need to step away from the truck of the tales of treacherous country roads. People live there and acts of principle. Defiance by people need open their eyes and see what's going on near misses with the law at blue smoke white spoke grease smoke whatever you want and moments of incredible human resilience beside when Vr India via travel stories about loads and labor. You get in the sleeper and stay out of there and all show you. I can drive truck but even more stories about people were a family lives. We live out on the road. That's what you do and while we're at it I'll tell you some of my own stories shoot. I might just sing a song or two. I'm long haul and this is over the road. First Episode Rose Out February twentieth. Wherever you find your podcasts.

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