ESPN moves up release for 'The Last Dance' documentary on Michael Jordan, 1990s Bulls


I know this was talked down a little bit earlier Jerry Brown at all but our standards the post had a story that ESPN's import Michael Jordan documentary that everybody has been talking about ever since the preview is out there told the last dance is being moved up it was supposed to air in June but now it's being moved up to April nineteenth there was something that a lot of people have no idea about when all this was going on and we were devoid of all sorts of sports programming because we knew that this was on the way Hey move it up give us some to watch now they listen to the people and that's what's going to happen so that's gonna be something to watch ten part Michael Jordan documentary now even if you were someone who was tortured by the Jordan bowls as a Knicks fan like I was this is something that you absolutely I think you have to watch because it's going to be really really compelling it's one of the great sports figures all of our generation and of course there's nothing else going on so why would you watch it but I was really happy to see that before well one hundred percent I mean this is going to be easy get major eyeballs and it's not just from the sports fanatics the people that love Michael Jordan but it's also going to be probably mainstream to more than ever before simply because of the fact that there is nothing else going on and he is you know he's an iconic not only basketball player of a businessman personality he is somewhat you know I don't know how you feel about this always feel like he's a little bit of a recluse like he's like he's out of the spotlight but he's never really truly out of the spotlight yeah I agree a hundred percent I mean the whole pop in here there he'll give you his comments on things here and there of course is ownership in the NBA is where you see him from time to time but I mean he could he could be out there a hell of a lot more when you think about guys like Shaq and Charles Barkley and how they are on TV constantly you know Magic Johnson is absolutely everywhere well Larry bird's another one of those guys and I guess this is soaring in the background even though he's been involved and stuff but you don't see it on interviews with him either but yeah I mean he was he was the the biggest or the most famous and he only pops in and out here there and you don't see him over saturated at least you're not over saturated Michael Jordan stuff which makes this documentary even more appealing to me because I'm not like sick of Michael Jordan by any stretch of imagination because I don't see a

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