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Chargers release new logo: Did they do better than the Rams?


Did you see this new Rams logo? I knows we leaked a couple of weeks ago. Rams buccaneers browns. All getting new uniforms. Did you see this this release of the rams the official release the rams logo so because it was previously kind of leaked out and everybody knew what it looked like it was like. Wouldn't it be really something? If they threw something completely new out there like it got leads. Everyone made fun of how crappy it. Let's let's let's do something else but nope they kept that same crappy logo that everybody has been toasting for weeks the counselors do you think that those teams that are just going to merge. Why knots like that could be. The plan can be fun and I think the charges ring a little bit of a better uniform element neo even being. You know not really. La's team. They can't join the clippers in that regard. Not exactly the ducks are the angels. Because of the other down in Anaheim they have some of their own identity. But you know truly be gotta be like a little bit how white sox fans fuel in Chicago being ten percent of the baseball fans there

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Chargers release new logo: Did they do better than the Rams?

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