Could Brandin Cooks be traded for fourth time in six-year career?



Brandon cooks had a tweet that just said Freeman yes that was on Friday and when you read that there's two things that come to mind one is okay he's talking about the corona virus in Africa wants to just go back to living their normal life and not trapped inside their house order the sportsman and I says free may he's upset with the Los Angeles rams and he wants a trade out of LA you look at the contract the branding cooks he's under contract through the twenty twenty three season has a cap hit of sixteen sixteen seventeen and seventeen million dollars across the board the dead cap this year for Brandin cooks is twenty nine point eight million and then following that in the next three years thirteen eighteen and three million of the number is an approximation he's still twenty six years old and at one time was viewed as a very promising up and coming wide receiver and I still think you can have a good career you know you look at what he was able to do from early on in his saints career shoot the twenty eighteen season with the rams you go through the stats twenty fourteen fifty three receptions five hundred and fifty yards three touchdowns twenty fifteen eighty four receptions over eleven hundred yards nine touchdowns that had that monster monster twenty sixteen where he catches almost eighty football's goes for one thousand one hundred seventy three yards and then a touch it's really had to back to back killer seasons with eighty four you know the two months years in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen he gets dealt the patriots and he goes sixty five receptions just over a thousand yards seven touchdowns how to touch down early on against the Texans was a big moment he had I'm in the playoffs he got knocked out in the Superbowl Malcolm Jenkins sent the matter game and the patriots after one year that one can get a contract extension so they traded to the rams and they ended up getting a first round pick back again for something to get a first round pick back for him so he goes to the rams twenty eighteen eighty receptions twelve hundred yards five touchdowns good year and last year only forty two receptions five hundred eighty three yards and two touchdowns so this is that was an off year for Brandin cooks now he only played in fourteen games but you know still it was an off year so you start to wonder is Brandon cooks going to get traded because of just the situation the ram Charan it is got rid of Todd Gurley defensively they say they're already locked up Barron Donald you're gonna have to sign Jaylen Ramsey to a long term extension you would think you also have money tied up in a lot of money tied up clearly to Jared Goff I don't think it's a great quarterback but he's getting paid as if he's a great quarterback and you saw that offense who this past year yes the the rams were a different team but you look at their wide receiving options do you really need Brandin cooks that office when you have Cooper Kupp having a very good season last year catching almost a hundred footballs and going over eleven hundred yards yeah Robert woods last year not the thousand you know thousand yard season caught ninety footballs so can you survive without Brandin cooks and get something back to help your football team what what's first do this what you will get the contracts Robert woods and Cooper Kupp Robert woods is a free agent at the end of the twenty twenty one season so for the next two years you're a robber was that a good number base salary this upcoming year it's five million in twenty twenty one at seven point five million capita they point one and a cap of nine point one so that's a good number and then when you get to Cooper Kupp can you take a look at his contract situation with the with the rams that's a contract situation where Cooper Kupp let's see where his deal is that he's a free agent at the end of the season so he is on a two million dollars and change contract so if you are the branches anything you have Robert woods who's twenty seven right now maybe he gets it probably does get another contract with that team and then you have Cooper Kupp who's twenty six read the codes are still very young yeah he's twenty six as well what do you do if you're gonna pay if you intend to pay Cup and also woods are you gonna put a lot of big money with three wide receivers so I think there's a good chance the Brandin cooks does get traded or the ram say you know what we believe are more like the football team two years ago not the team last year so we're gonna keep what we have and we're going to run it back brandy cooks for someone who's so talented and someone that has done a very nice job in his career so far what we've seen him go from playing with drew Brees and Sean Payton then go flying with Brady and Bella Jack and now playing with golf and the bay well those are not the key pad stops you get to all BAME coaches and to all fame quarterbacks golf one of seeing what he's going to be able to do in Sean McVay's is greatly respected around the league so the branding cooks tweet Hey C. Cooper cops jump on it and and clarify he's talking about the quarantine hi it's it's just amazing and it never surprised anymore on social media where if that were his intentions you never know but if those are his intentions how people now I think he could be traded but when you think about it with what they may need to do in the future or Cooper Kupp and Robert woods at the Brandon cooks experiment in the in the rams you know you could say could be short lived with your canoeing on that was really short lived he could be on the move once

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