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Traders you ever feel lost you ever feel unsure of what you can do next you have trouble <Speech_Music_Male>


General William Barr saying even with the pandemic law enforcement and national security work must go forward there are now more than two hundred thousand cases of the virus in the US the York state has the most with over eighty three thousand tomorrow the number of cases expected to exceed one million worldwide Pennsylvania added to the list of Tate's ordering residents to stay home today the number of Pennsylvanians testing positive for corona virus pushed past five thousand which is why governor wolf says he's staying at home water is critically important at this time please assume everyone has the virus including yourself avoid leaving your house like someone's life depends on it because ultimately someone's life does depend on if venturing out for groceries exercise or to see a doctor is still permitted well says he believes in the resilience of residence but knows that next month will be difficult colonel Scott fox news Laura going around the sentence has ordered a stay at home order for the entire state beginning Friday America is listening to fox news

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Traders you ever feel lost you ever feel unsure of what you can do next you have trouble <Speech_Music_Male>

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