Vasek Pospisil on Coronavirus Impact, Tennis Hiatus


This week we talked to Varsha Pospisil I wanted to get an athlete perspective. Like so many people in the world and athletes job has suddenly been disrupted and income has stopped coming in competition stopped. They're no longer going to their equivalent of the office and they're trying to figure out what comes next and volcanic was great. He is in western Canada right now. In like so many of us is in this cosmic holding pattern. So we talk about what? It's like for an athlete. Their career suspended and we talk a little bit about tennis politics. As well of course we would not even a global pandemic caused tennis to unite quite the contrary on Tuesday. We got news at the French Open was unilaterally grabbing these dates in late September early October for a hopeful reschedule the twenty twenty French Open This caused quite a bit of consternation in tennis land. We talk about that in a number of other topics so Nice conversation with one of the good guys. Here's Varsha Hospital. We are recording this Wednesday about noon. East Coast time. I appreciate you doing this. Yeah this is strange strange times and I figured we. Can you know you can always talk tennis? Politics Plum. I'm more interested in what life is like for you. How how are you doing? What are you doing? I'm doing okay. I'm while I've I've back to Canada about four five days ago. Came from from southern California. Were Indian Wells and Sonam in isolation basically. I'm I'm staying home. I'm trying to learn how to cook which is not going so well. I'm trying not to go out. And obviously you know it's really important to be to be responsible now especially as the spire spreads and Um so I just Especially for the older population. I mean that's that's the the biggest risk right so yeah very very strange times and very talk times. I mean this is You know not fun right now. That's for sure and it's Think the world's in top place right now in your in Vancouver right yeah. I'm I'm in Vancouver. Yeah to kid. Can you go you know run around Stanley Park? Can you do anything to stay in shape? Yeah you can. I mean there's It's a it's a recommended quarantine at the time at this time. It's not a mandatory one. Ah so you can go outside But I mean I'm only going outside to work to run in the in the park and try not to to make contact with anybody. Obviously because I think right now I said You know until we fully understand this this thing. It's it's important to to kind of make sure you distance yourself from from people so I'm spending about ninety percent of the time it indoors or more I should say and And trying to do work out here as well have been doing some like you know. Sit Bodyweight stuff. Sit ups push ups the in these kinds of basic things to do when I was a kid so Yeah just trying to do what I can. But which is talk. When you're you're indoors all day. Do you have a time in your head? What are you thinking? I anticipate coming back in time. And how is this playing out mentally? No I'm I'm You know I don't think anybody really knows how long it will take. I mean I think it's pretty safe to say that the next couple of months. Are you know pretty much a scratch in terms of in terms of the tennis tour? I'm not sure Novica announcements even unofficially. I'm not sure but I don't see. Don't see that being the case and obviously now we saw the rolling girls changed their dates. So you know clearly they're not expecting Think say improve very quickly either and But at the same time we never know but I'll be very surprised if if if there were any tournament. Thanks next to two months or three months so it sounds like this is as much a mental challenge of physical. One you can. You can get yourself back and playing shape but if you don't know when that next event is gonNA come. It must be hard to mental mentally account for a comeback. Yes it is and and the other thing is I mean it. Yeah it definitely is because we're not we're not used to training are playing without A target in mind in terms of the next competition is either. You're you're not trading because you're injured and then when when you're you know Healed up then you have an idea of when you want to start playing in your training for that in mind. So it motivates you and your training with a purpose right now you kinda feel You know that a anything we do right now could be completely pointless so it's also not a bad time to rest body because the tennis season is so long and we never really get time to rest to rest which is which is also important right so I mean that's that's one thing I'm not really intending are pushing my body too much next couple of weeks for sure and and even so. I'm not quite sure when when it'll be time to push the body. I'll just try to stay. You know relatively Relatively good shape just to be more more so just to be ready to handle handle workload once. It's time to start training so I don't think I'll know that for a while. I wonder if if you guys don't say this is. This is now a sport where you play into your late thirties. Maybe it's a disguised. Blessing that at age twenty nine you. You've got this three month period of inactivity the two up yeah. I mean yeah well in terms of yeah in terms of You know arrests for the body. It's definitely like a good thing To to to have a bit of a break obviously You know nobody. You know you don't want it to be in circumstances like this. You don't want a virus to be the reason you know a global threat to be a reason for that but but But of course yeah there are some some things you can some positives of some things you can take for sure. But but overall it's Not Idealistic Get can I ask you about about income about finances? We all saw that Jovovich and the doll and they deserve every penny they. They've made as far as I'm concerned but some players have the means to To whether this no problem but how our players getting through this with no income source while I mean I. I've been very fortunate. I mean I'm I'm in a difference You know a little bit different position where I've I've been able to save up some money over. The years had good results. So so I'm I'm just in a very fortunate state where where you know. This doesn't necessarily impact me in a very big way. So I'm I'm very lucky in but that's not the case with as you can see with most most people in the world in general and and in Tennessee as well as tough because You know if you're you're not a consistent let's say top fifty player big results or had money saved up. Then you know the players that are outside of the top hundred there there You know I'm sure they're in very very difficult situations. And not just a unfortunate reality and and I'm not really sure what what The tour will will do if they will do anything. I'm pretty sure they're they're working on solutions right now to help those with with lower incomes. help them financially. Because I think you know they're obviously the ones that that that probably needed needed. Most you know having said that obviously affect everybody right suddenly you don't have income and your expenses are always high even though maybe now they're not so much but but Yeah I mean I think I think it affects the tennis world just as much as as It affects you. Don't a lot of a lot of other industries obviously minus atop the top ranks players. That have made a lot of money. Yeah exactly and you're you're right. We should point Mrs something that Every Marriott hotels in every restaurant in the world everyone is wrestling with the same issue at some level I mean have you heard our players sticking with their coaching arrangements? I mean are. You're not probably expenses. But they're still expensive for players. Have you heard about tennis players? Making adjustments there no haven't really Other than just what will you know what I'm doing personally? I haven't really You know I'm not really aware of what what's been going on with the other players and their arrangements in the coaching. I mean it's I think I think It's just kind of a tough tough time. Where were suddenly you know even coaches and physios and fitness trainers were were? Nobody's making any in common But you know I I think it depends on the the agreements that that each player has with their teams individually. So it's I think there's still a lot of question marks that I think will be answered next couple of weeks. I think once you know maybe there's a bigger delay announced for now. The official announcement is still just six weeks of the tour being cancelled which like. I said. We'll be much more on it. I think once not announcement comes up. And maybe maybe there'll be some changes In around the you know the player often and compensation not sure it's a very interesting and Yeah I think we're just kind of thinking on our feet day-to-day and taking it as it comes right now. I mean a week ago. They that announcement came out about a six week. Delay and I think everybody was fairly shocked. And now boy if we get back out there in six weeks it'll be. It'll be a tremendous achievement. For for all of us. I never mind tennis. That will I think get off the very opportunistic. Get back to your actually totally. I mean I remember. Yeah when the announcement I came you know when Indian Wells was cancelled obviously Things have just EXCO. It's so much so quickly since then that that I mean it's it's. It's pretty incredible that week ago. We all surprised by the announcement. The whole tennis world in all the players were like. Oh Wow that's you know that's crazy like that's that's incredible and then L. Let's go on and then you know a few days later. There's just so many cases around North America and accelerated such such a speed that now it just seems unconceivable. That even be any tennis for for next while so Yeah interesting times and and I don't think six weeks is realistic right now. So

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