COVID-19 testing sites expand across Philadelphia


Most of the cases of the new coronavirus in Philadelphia doubling the number of patients from yesterday a more cases I should say of the new coronavirus in Philly health officials noting a new method of spread here something they expected though there are now eighteen total cases since testing began less than two weeks ago and that number is expected to increase as testing becomes available at more widespread use our city hall bureau chief he one of these Pat Loeb health commissioner Tom Farley says the city's major health systems have set up six rapid test sites Penn has them in West Philadelphia and Radnor Jefferson in center city and Abington temple in north Philadelphia and children's hospital in West Philadelphia they are free and Dr Farley says along with closing of schools and non essential businesses the hope is to prevent health systems from being overwhelmed you're protecting yourself you're protecting your loved ones and you're protecting the entire city Philadelphia he does however stressed that only people with symptoms of fever dry cough should get tested to prevent wasted supplies and false negatives he says a runny nose and sore throats are not usually symptoms mayor Kenney had no guess as to how much of a hit the city's economy will take but he says it will be larger than the city can recover from on its own this is a national issue similar to a war were to expression they're gonna have to step up the federal state and we will also but we cannot tell this entire burden on the city he also had no guess about when the restrictions would end

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