VA, Maryland, Washington DC Unemployment Claims Surge Because Of Coronavirus


Corona virus continues to spread our economy Thursday there was the stunning news the more than six and a half million Americans applied for unemployment last week and we're getting a closer look this morning at the ugly details in this area it's called unprecedented the number of claims that Maryland is taking in for its unemployment insurance program so we had told I'm over one hundred twenty thousand claims file just in the state of Maryland over the course of the past two weeks state department of labor Deputy Assistant Secretary Brian Moore says they typically see about forty thousand claims filed in a year he was speaking along with federal and local leaders to discuss the opportunities available to businesses in prince George's county John Aaron WTOP news numbers are even worse for Virginia where more than a hundred sixty thousand people have filed for unemployment benefits in the past two weeks in DC twenty nine thousand claims have been filed since March twenty first if you're among those looking for work right now there are ways to find it but it might not be easy the reality is companies right now are trying to figure out what their new normal is what some skills are transferable in a lot of fields in those skills will be in demand right now says Suzanne Mauro co founder of Washington career services in this area especially translation skills for doctors attorneys and different things that we need right now highlight any experience you have in healthcare even on the administrative side or in the mental health areas to touting your ability to work from home is a good idea right now as well but above all else no matter how slow it is don't get frustrated with what has been happening because it's not your resume or cover letter that's keeping you from getting hired right

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