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Points right now it's nine


We'll assume all the motorcycles Michael emergency crews on the scene it's on old sugar creek hunting road sold for restrictions delays in the area there there's also solve walking on the exit ramp from westbound highway seventy onto what's worse it looks like they're finally set up the road work right lane blocked northbound to seventy just as you approach seventy so use caution there any sort of a road work delays on a one sixty two west one fifty nine and on thirteen from just south of the cast cast your river up through one fifty six I'm not afraid of the steeple traffic center exiting early showers then some breaks with clouds and maybe a few peeks of sun mid upper sixties this afternoon and later the seventy the scene the couple showers maybe a rumble

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Points right now it's nine

Charlie Brennan Last month

A great run all morning Debbie

Charlie Brennan 18 hrs ago

This is Saint louis' news radio and this is over time

Charlie Brennan 1 d ago

Forty four from six flags went to six flags out to one hundred

Total Information AM 1 d ago

Voice of Saint Louis a radio dot com station

Total Information PM 2 d ago

Headed into a union right now in south on fifty five

Total Information PM 6 d ago

I love it's mark on movies this

Total Information PM 6 d ago

Left lanes are closed KMOX

Rush Limbaugh 6 d ago