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Is a fact they do not have


Do not have answers about how quickly the economy can reopen they do not have answers about when will be through this they do not have answers about whether or not we will face a second wave in the fall and I understand right now the primary focus is keeping our hospitals from being overwhelmed I'm watching this data from the of the I H. M. E. this is the data that everyone is so focused on all the time I'm watching the data and eighties consistently wrong in over estimate now you say this they're overestimating hospitalizations are overestimating fatality state by state again and again and people look at you and they say are you minimizing the horrible loss of life now people who are questioning what's going on here want to make sure that we are making sound decisions about resources and about policy for something that is already painful for the American people and could become catastrophic overtime in fact there's a certainty a certainty that the United States economy if we try to do this let's say until a vaccine comes in there are some people who are

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Is a fact they do not have

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