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Fox, Associated Press And O'connell discussed on Buck Sexton


Fox news after weeks of saying it was not necessary unless you are infected the centers for disease control and prevention now recommending all Americans cover their nose and mouth when out in public president trump with the announcement this afternoon from recent studies we know that the transmission from individuals without symptoms is playing a more significant role in the spread of the virus and previously understood so you don't seem to have symptoms and still gets transferred in light of these studies the CDC is advising the use of non medical floor face covering as an additional voluntary public health measures the president saying he will not wear one he has been tested twice for the virus and it's come back negative the guidelines suggest using makeshift coverings like T. shirts scarves or bandannas New York governor Andrew Cuomo says he will order ventilators be redeployed to overwhelm hospitals from other places in New York state and the number of cases in the state is now over a hundred two thousand California governor Gavin Newsom says his state is getting a steady stream of supply we have as of this morning distributed now just over thirty eight million N. ninety five masks in the state of California is this as soon as we get those masks and we get about as quickly as possible and use them says the state's working with FEMA on the most vulnerable portion of the population the homeless to get them the help they need house speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell bill saying there there will be another coronavirus rescue package as the need for more aid to fight the pandemic an economic crisis grows o'connell telling the Associated Press healthcare must be at the top of the list last week the president signed a two point two trillion dollar package await those who lost jobs and income due to the virus America is.

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Fox, Associated Press And O'connell discussed on Buck Sexton

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