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Oh you and I were exchanging notes last week about you know doing a pod. We wanted to provide a kind of public service out. There tall are taste. Buds all are hungry. Homeys at our at home doing the appropriate thing. Under the guidelines provided by our local and state and federal government in terms of social distancing and a whole bunch of us are now all of a sudden home cooks on a much more frequent basis with more time than we previously expected or anticipated And so I reached out and you were. You said Yeah I have some thoughts and You know even since the original exchanging of notes last week You and the good folks at bone apetite have been coming up with all kinds of rich concepts and ideas and guidelines and you know sensitive direction. I want to start with your newsletter post. That went up arrived in my email last night. Which you know has the tagline. Cook the food that makes you feel good because that to me really is a helpful vital kind of reminder about you know the place that we're in the physical space that we're in and and you know the challenge that we're all sort of confronted by And you mentioned in the newsletter. How you know you yourself in terms of with your own family had been cooking some some things you know about the right away. You're cooking food that I would sort of put in in a category that that I characterize as indulgent but but now you know we're we have to cook in ways that make us feel sustained But also you know able to to perform in the new world that we're living in So wh what are you looking at in terms of cooking the food that makes you feel good? Yeah I you know week one as I guess you call it when we all sort of realized. We're GONNA sort of lockdown ourselves for quite awhile. Perhaps last week was interesting that I think a lot of us kind of adrenaline is like all right. Let's let's be positive about this. Let's lean into it. It's almost like when there's a blizzard coming and you start cooking a lot of food and I got double batching Ball Nasariyah recipes My wife's making chocolate chip cookies with our son by the end of the day. You're like man. I need a cocktail and by the end of the week as like Mad. I cannot I gotta like dial it down a little bit because it was like big dinners every night. Having drinks it was all about home cooking three meals a day and at some point I realized okay. Like let's keep cooking but let's at least be a bit more sensible about what working? Then we have a columnist Cristina Che. She started this Hashtag gentle foods. I was like what? What is the foods be that was like I like the sound of it? I don't quite know what it means. What I'm intrigued and today was saying like food. That's like a blanket. It just makes you feel good. I guess you could. Kinda describe it as healthy comfort food if that makes sense and chase someone. Who's a you know? She's an avid eater. But just making things like yesterday for lunch I made a lentil salad lentils or the easiest thing in the world to make your phone unsalted water through in some chopped up Celery some carrots and I assembled in the water with them some herbs and I had to like a nine minute hard boiled eggs a little more than a a a Romney but not at Chalky Yolk will vinaigrette analysts very satisfying. But it's not like knock you on your ass cooking. That's exactly why thought this was the right way to kind of frame this conversation you and I are going to have is because the impulse that you described at the outset of like okay. This is a food challenge. That's in front of us and we have you know. Now this opportunity time-wise where you you don't feel like you have to rush. And so the inclination is to be a bit more indulgent Just in terms of you know heavier kinds of meals you can take the time to let things braise and Stu and you know this sort of day and age of social media everything. I don't WanNa say it was showing off but there was a certain camaraderie among everyone that everyone wanted to share what they were making and talk about it and you wanted to sort of put your best foot forward cooking wise at every dinner you made had to be some sort of statement that we're all sharing together. Let's let's make this as delicious in Poudel as possible this whole ordeal. We're in right now Exit it was fun I just I just don't think it's sustainable so again. Like right now being a little bit more sensitive balanced and we'll get there and and that doesn't mean I'm not gonNA enjoy cocktail at the end of the day today but I'm just sort of being a little bit more sensible and yeah whether it's making a batch of beans and you can make beans without the Hawk. You can do things that are satisfying without being punishing in that sort of rich bistro. You know bottle of red wine. Stay Crete SORTA WAY and two everybody's credit The sense of community that emerged as everybody in in that sort of you know food vertical which is all of us but really people you know folks that that liked to traffic in sharing pictures sharing recipes and having ongoing social media conversations about Cooking rightfully. You know jumped in with Gusto. I mean you you mentioned After you put up the the BOLOGNESI recipe your boy Dave. Grohl giving you a seventeen step by step string of texts with pictures and information about all everything that he had going. You know his version of the ball Enezi. But that's not sustainable. That's not every day. That's not how we're going to be able to feed ourselves and feed our families daily So there needs to be some kind of balance and we're this is exactly what you would expect in week. Two right. It's it is. It is a balanced kind of I outstare coming back Earth. A little bit and you know and we posted a ton of service conduct the way I look at it on a petite right now are sort of mission is twofold one on one hand. We need to provide the service and the recipes. That home cooks need. And Right. Now we are all home talks So that's a lot of the slide. Shows like you know. I my table when we did. Last week was eighty-nine recipes with five ingredients. Fewer Dash seriously I love. I'm a simple cook at heart when I'm at home and these these kind of the recipes I love best. We provide a lot of cooking advice. many other slides shows and then the other side of that is not only do people need cooking inspiration advice but we all need company right now. We all need companionship. And if you follow bond petite on Youtube and you see all our test. Kitchen Editors Andy in Bali and Sola and Chris Carlin everybody And these people feel like friends to you five and a half million youtube subscribers and Claire and Brad and everything. It's important that those guys are so popping up on your youtube feed in our epide- instrument feed and right what we're going to start doing. Started this week which will show up. End of this week is all the test. Kitchen editors now have iphone. Eleven's with professional grade microphones and tripods. And they're going to be recording all of their own. What were test kitchen videos now at home in their own apartments and I think that's GonNa be really interesting as you'll still see those same familiar faces but now you're going to be their pets you. Maybe you'll meet up fiance or a husband or a way to get roommates in his whole sort of universe of ancillary characters. Sort of populating the body cinematic

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