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Boris Johnson, Bill Harwood And Consultant discussed on The Lake Show with Henry Lake


Thank you know sing in treating cases of coronavirus more from correspondent Steven Portnoy he insists the federal government is doing all it can the rest of the president argues should be left to the states we are supposed to stand on street corners during testing but Mr trump says he is making one large federal asset the U. S. and S. comfort hospital ship available to treat coronavirus patients from two states the European Jersey and it's a big ship and it's now call that it's set up for code red Steven Portnoy a CBS news Washington Mr trump continues to push hydrochloric Quinn from the White House podium each day Dr Anthony Fauci is urged caution since it's never been tested to treat the virus The New York Times reports it is if it becomes an accepted treatment shareholders and senior executives with connections to Mr trump stand to profit from the pharmaceutical companies that would make it the time says Mr trump himself as a small personal financial interest in one of the drug makers an about face from the acting navy secretary after he criticized the ousted captain of a warship that was starting to see cases of the virus pop up the apology comes after he said this in a profanity laced address acting navy secretary Thomas moblie told the crew what their captain did was a betrayal he said of captain Brad crozier hadn't known as memo would be leaked to the press he was either too stupid or naive to command a ship like that he also accused the media of having an agenda mostly fired crozier after closure wrote a memo appealing for assistance as the corona virus cases on the carrier continue to grow corresponding county McCormick president trump says he will get involved though admitted he did not read the five page letter captain initially sent British prime minister Boris Johnson is in the intensive care unit of a London hospital after his corona virus symptoms worsened Johnson's office says he is conscious and does not require ventilation at the moment he was admitted ten days after he was first diagnosed Boeing says it will repeat a test flight of its astronaut capsule following last year's botched demo CBS news space consultant bill Harwood Boeing plans to launch a second unpiloted test flight of its starliner commercial astronaut ship later this fall after problems blocked a planned space station docking last December the refight may rule out of politics test flight before the end of the year SpaceX meanwhile is pressing ahead with plans to launch astronauts aboard its crew dragon capsule in the late may time right now we are nearly nearing eleven thousand coronavirus deaths there are still seven states that have not enacted stay at home borders this is CBS news you can listen to CBS.

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Boris Johnson, Bill Harwood And Consultant discussed on The Lake Show with Henry Lake

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