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Antonio that's Italian for Anthony. Vivaldi was born in Venice in sixteen. Seventy eight then as the city with all the canals wasn't a part of Italy then it was an independent republic. Some records say that nobody was the oldest of six children but some say his family had as many as nine kids. Vivaldi's father was a barber who also worked as a baker and as a violinist. Vivaldi learned to play the violin from his father. We've all got something else from his father. Flaming red hair back then when a family had a lot of kids and not much money at least one boy usually became a priest. So that's what Vivaldi did. And because of his hair they called him the red priests somewhere along the line. We've all probably studied with musicians. Who worked at Saint Mark's Cathedral in Venice after awhile possibly because he had asthma? Vivaldi gave up the priestly. Duty of saying mass. Since Vivaldi couldn't do what priests normally did he started teaching music at the UH spit. La Della Pieta from the US Ballet de la. Piazza was not a hospital. It was an orphanage that was originally connected with a hospital. So that's where the name Auspey Dali came from. All the residents of the orphanage were female so volley taught and led an all girl orchestra bar people all over Europe heard about what great musicians Valdis students were. No one visited Venice without going to hear them perform their concerts. Where a huge tourist attraction? One of the most intriguing things about those concerts was that you couldn't see the musicians. Because they were hidden when they performed the audience just heard heavenly music coming from behind a fancy metal screen. Make It only guess what the girls looked like? Yvonne de worked at the speedometer. Della Pieta off and on mostly on for almost forty years composing religious music for his students to sing and hundreds of concertos for them to play. He wrote concertos all kinds of instruments but soon trumpets even mandolins at the same time. The valley had another musical career going writing operas. The valley is even more famous now than he was in his lifetime but his music was only rediscovered in the last fifty years or so. Today it's hard to turn on the television without hearing Vivaldi's music in some commercial or other especially the concertos spring from a set of violin concertos called the four seasons

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