Clothing Hacks for Kids


The first theme that things seem to fall into were kids clothing. A lot of people had some great ideas in this room. So many of you like to buy all the same color socks for your kids. I feel like I haven't done this because I kind of like buying random looking socks but I get I get what you're saying. 'cause sorting them is kind of annoying will but then each kid would have their own color. Is that what you're saying? Well that would be an idea to but I think the everyone has the same color. It's hard to. How do you sort by size if I'm wondering this probably would work like? Have you had a foreign six-year-old could wear the same by this name? Song cares right. That would be amazing. But you're right. I love that variation if you have five children for example they have different sizes. It could get their signature sock color. You only match that and then you know where it goes or even if it's if it's white with like a some of the Hanes for instance I've noticed. The lettering is in different colors for a long time as Jasper only had the hanes with the blue lettering and SAM had the hands with the green lettering. If you're having to look closely enough to look for the letters I feel like almost defeats the purpose and you might as well have to prepare. Obviously you can also have your children. Your older children start their own socks like this. That's my hack not. That's actually a great hack. So there you go. I actually started kicks this whole thing off. Maybe that's why there's a lot of kids with the fact that might think for genevieve in particular is like all by two pairs of shoes at once and I'll skip the half size like who need tasks is is right. But I'll I'll buy like a size seven and a size eight Sandal because this is Florida and like she's GonNa need sandals year round so it's not like I'm GONNA risk that she won't be the right size especially if I find like a decent couponer sale at zepos It just is just like such a nice comfort feeling like if she's growing him to be like Ooh we already have the next one because Peter only gonNA growth in inevitability until a certain point but we haven't gotten there yet now they can go on for a long time. I'm curious about finding the shoe sales as just that when you when she needs new shoes. You're looking to see what's on sale or Alex. Your shoes recently and I actually. I like that bose because they will deliver in one day so we had a cold snap and our nannies like I lost one of her sneakers so we need shoes. I'm like wells. Apples will deliver by tomorrow so we can beat. The cold snap actually aren't policy so and this is not a sponsor but anyway so but sometimes they have good sales in. Or if you just know the like they're gonna you're GonNa need it like you might as well just by two at once Or I've got twenty percent off coupons that will apply to the whole order so there you go by three by size six seven and eight or whenever I listen work. Obviously your kids are going to change their mind about or if or if it's seasonal. I mean that's the problem if you live in a place with four distinct seasons like you don't know for sure if they're gonNA be wearing the size thirteen in summer or in the next winter so but but there's some shoes that they might wear year round like dresses for instance. I like this next one that we got from a listener says for items that don't get a lot of where like snow pants by. Unisex colors so they can be handed down or make sure your son's okay with the purple. I mean that's the other. The other option there are most most was my side note. Only snow is such a rarity that I don't think Cameron Would actually be be distracted by the fact that we were like in

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