Manage Awkward Situations Like a Pro: Quitting Your Job To Start A Business


Com today. The question is from Gemma and Jemma rights. I recently told my boss that I'm leaving my job to start my own business and four months. There's been some disappointment and anger that I'm leaving. I'm finding this transition time Iki. I feel like a snake that has partway through shedding a skin on one hand. I'm deeply committed to doing an outstanding job in my last four months. Good job girl on the other. I'm deeply excited about my new business and growing and changing constantly with each little action. I take to get my business ready. My new self doesn't seem to match my old organization and I'm finding it quite tiring and at times frustrating. Do you have any advice for managing that transition and for saying patient and energized? When I feel like I've outgrown my job juicy one girl juicy juicy now first off before I answer your question Jim. I need to know this. Are you any relation to the gem? You Know Jam who truly outrageous Asia but seriously managing transitions can be really tough. Thankfully there's some steps you can take to. Have it feel less icky as you say and it can be a lot more enjoyable? The first thing I want you to do is put yourself in their shoes. It's really natural that they're disappointed about losing you because you're really valuable asset to the company remembering how essential and valuable. You are is a cool tool to help. You renew your enthusiasm for your time on the job while you're still there they love you. Jemma because you're truly truly truly outrageous. You really have to focus on that rather than their anger about you leaving after all. No one's upset when a slacker decides to quit if I were you I would focus my time and energy on setting this company up to win when you walk out the door. You WanNa make sure that your colleagues and your boss have everything they need to keep growing when you leave and here are four action steps to take to move it along. First thing you want to do is just have an honest with your boss and let him or her. No you understand how difficult transitions can be. And that you are fully committed to doing everything in your power to set the new employees up for great success hunt remember to create a comprehensive list of everything you do and everything you're responsible for and you want to review this with your boss. You WANNA make sure everybody is on the same page. The next make a process map or a little how to guide if you will of every single one of your tasks and your responsibilities you really want to set this next person up with everything. They need to know to succeed. Really do your best to think of every detail or question. The new is going to have side benefit. Making these process. Maps will really help you in your own

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