From immersion camps to podcasts: Innovation attracts new Indigenous language speakers



I'm Wab Gisha. Grace inforwars dear child this week talking all about revitalizing indigenous languages on the show today in flood cracks new clock. My Indian name. I am from the new cloth. Nation in Bella. I am Learner Speaker of the folks language. That's Marlene King. And if you had told her a year ago that she would not only be teaching the new hug language but revitalizing it. She wouldn't have believed you. That's because the fifty three year old grandmother had just started relearning herself now. Marlene is part of a group of community members community with only a dozen fluent speakers working with the new college to preserve the language for future generations. She joins us now from Belqola. Hello Marlene Hi. So can you describe the approach? New Ho- college has taken to language. Revitalization hop language has been Taught in our school for like the last thirty years. Our language teachers have done an excellent job and revitalizing our language and we have sixty to return to the Nicole through another little linguistic person that works for our community who does work with our elders and our language his name is Dale. Mccreary is a vital piece of teaching. Our language is very crucial to our language. Here and Bella cool. We have now got the money to digitize and transcribed these tapes that were were handed over to our nation winner. Those tapes from they are from nineteen sixty seven nineteen sixty eight. Wow what do you expect to find on those tapes? You're going to be a lot of knowledge on these tapes leg back then like a lot of the conversation on the table at the tables. Were all in new hawk. So you know some of the forgotten words that we don't use today because we had three different dialect. We had three different villages who spoke different languages. But there were very very similar to their their stories over elders In the early sixties and seventies and they were forgotten they. They haven't been available to the people that they were just returned to nation. March two thousand nineteen and these are critical recordings and they need to be analyzed by our linguistics and I have knowledge keepers and language speakers. It's wonderful you mentioned hearing forgotten words on some of these archival recordings see. Can you tell us what may be some of those words or expressions are? I can't tell you that because I haven't heard any of the tapes myself so all of this is new late. It's all new. So they're just being digitized today today as we speak. Are you excited to hear some county? Hear it in my voice. Of course I am just so I'm ecstatic. And in that sense you know finding out some of these Words and expressions kind of like digging up treasure against say yes. It's like Goldline for our language and we really need to preserve that everybody's excited to find out what's on these tapes right We have between three of our People that speak our language to Vancouver to A training course for but we have a reel to reel tapes as well that we're not able to do those recordings rate until we get the proper equipment for those recordings and it sounds like a huge project lots of technical components to what's the biggest challenge you've come across right now is the reel to reel Because you know we don't know what these tapes because deteriorated or but they've been kept very well so were assuming that these tapes that they're still viable merlene. Why is it so vital to do this now? Because a lot of our elders And knowledge keepers have passed on. We've when two thousand ten or two thousand eleven. I believe we lost like seven allders with the Library of knowledge and language and culture. They were very crucial to our language. You know what I was given Of Given three VHS tapes that have an elder from my community. Do some teachings in some language. So I'M GONNA go try to those digitize now. I'm inspired to do that just by talking to you today. Oh that is too awesome. Awesome Merlene thank you very much for your time. Congratulations on this great project. And all the best going forward okay. Still Marlene King. Is the cultural adviser for New College in. Bella Kula BC.

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