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Live game updates, college basketball scores, highlights


We go back to the live scoreboard and a handful of games in the first half and see state leader number eight Florida St twenty to seventeen number eleven will go out to a seventeen eleven lead over UNC UCLA up to one eighty brown Colorado fourteen twelve and that's what's happening right now finals from earlier number three Kansas escape number one Baylor sixty four sixty one ending the bears twenty three game winning streak they've been atop the ATP the eight people for the last five weeks number thirteen Auburn came back from seventeen points down in the second half to stun Tennessee seventy three sixty six of the Tigers eighteenth straight win inside Auburn arena they are forty five and three at home since the start of two thousand seventeen and Providence defeated nineteenth ranked Marquette eighty four seventy two for the third straight win against a ranked team members said number twenty two Houston sixty to fifty nine number five Dayton dropped Kane eighty to seventy TCU outlasts the number seventeen West Virginia in overtime sixty seven sixty and number twelve the Lenovo volleyed Xavier sixty four fifty five top ten team San Diego state Duke and Kentucky took the floor a bit later the last two matchups of the day have four ranked teams pac twelve Oregon and Arizona you've also got B. Y. U. facing number two

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Live game updates, college basketball scores, highlights

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