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Success as Servants and Stewards


First Corinthians chapter four verses one to this is how one should regard us as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required of stewards that they be found faithful. These are two of my favorite verses in the whole book of First Corinthians the way that Paul describes himself and leaders in the church but really every follower of Christ here to fold he says we should be regarded as servants of Christ and the word there uses for. Servants is a word that would be used to describe the under rower on a boat so picture like the Lowest Galli of slaves on a boat. That's that's what the word is for servant here like just row here row. There do whatever your master. The captain ship says the do. So we're under oers. We are servants of Christ. He's the captain of our lives and we do whatever he says. We go wherever he leaves. We are servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. And the mysteries of God. There is a reference to the Gospel the Cross of Christ and we are stewards of this Gospel. So we've been entrusted with this possession and it is the most valuable possession. It's the very gospel of Jesus Christ and so we are to steward it in this world. So we're servants of Christ stewards. The mysteries of God's Tours the Gospel so with those roles that we have in our lives. So just think about that and your life my life today you and I are servants of Christ and we are stewards of the Gospel. So what is required of us as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God and I could just after four verse. Two says one thing is required of stewards. The day be found faithful. I want you to think about that word because I believe for screens chapter four one and two are giving you and me a clear definition for success in our lives. What does success in your life? You think about it. The world has all kinds of answers to that question for you success in your life and and likely you have some thoughts some ideas that come to your mind that are what the world says is successful but here. In First Corinthians chapter four verse to God is saying in his word. What success is in your life as a servant of Christ and a Steward of the Gospel? Success is you being Faithful Faithful Servant of Christ doing whatever he says a faithful steward of the Gospel making known in the world. This is success for you. This is success for me. So God we pray well first of all. We praise you for the privilege of being servants of Christ or it is the great honor of our lives that we would be servants of Jesus. We wouldn't want it any other way. We're so glad to be your servants. We know that we have an option of being slaves to sin in ourselves are slaves to Jesus and we're so thankful that you manage slaves the Jesus for their refined true freedom true joy and true life so thank you for Magna servants of Jesus Doers of the Gospel. The no only we heard it. You've entrusted to us that we believed it now. We have the religious sharing it so that others can experience internal life thank you for making us stewards of the Gospel. So God re pray to day like if today was our last day on Earth we pray that we would be found faithful servants and faithful stewards today. And help us to do whatever you call us today to obey you to walk with you. We're under rowers to tell us what to do we want to do. It helps to live like that today. And help us to be stewards. Faithful Stewards of the Gospel today. Elba's to share. It helps to garden in Your Church. Help us to promote it in the world to proclaim in the world to proclaim it. It's someone who doesn't know it got re pray that if today was our last day the Justice Day we will be found faithful servants and faithless to hurts. We pray the same if you give us tomorrow and the same if you give us the next day the next the next day until one day we stand before you and God we pray we WanNa hear on that day well done good and faithful servant faithful steward. God police was to live for this definition of success. Make US successful. According to First Corinthians four one to pray in Jesus name Amen.

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