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You are. You're a businessman your salon owner. But you're also you know it's ten so corny saying this celebrity hairstylist. I feel like I'm reading. You Know People magazine boldface Celebrity Hairstyles hairstylists to the stars Chris. Mcmillan you are the rare hairstylist. Who is a hybrid of all of these things I mean how did you plan to become like a salon owner? Did you plan to do celebrities hair like did you? What was your end goal? My plan was to do five people's hair a day and charge them hundred dollars each so I would make five hundred dollars a week. I would make two thousand dollars a month and so then I would rent an apartment for a thousand to twelve hundred dollars a month. I would get a car that I think I was looking at like Volkswagen's or something that was like two fifty a month so that's how I thought about it that way. I was able to do what I do like. I always kept that SORTA That's how my brain I'm a real believe it or not. I'm a real simple thing. And it just snowballed from there of that happen. You don't charge your hundred bucks for haircut anymore you know. I was given opportunities to prove myself and I've always taken advantage of those opportunities. I truly from the bottom of my heart was meant to do hair. I really was. Who's hair have you been doing that like the longest like who is the first person that got this one hundred dollar haircut my mall okay? My mom always had bleached blond hair. Fair Faucet like my mom always had kool hair always. That was her thing. Gio is a great hair. She loved her hair stylist. Nick she always had great hair. She was pregnant with me. And that's the first hair salon. I went that I worked at was Nicole's in Manhattan beach on Tenth Manhattan Avenue when I graduated high school like the day the next day. I worked there because I had my licence. Oh wow you were like in it to win it yeah I. My mom was like you doing here. I'm like but they're gay and she's like yeah. You're my gay son. I've known since you were too. It's okay you'll be fine while okay that you told me I remember you said. You have some client. I want to say her name is barb. Bonnie Greider Oh Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie writer lives. It's so funny. Her daughter texted me yesterday. As I as everything. Okay I was like. How's your mom and is a body? Greider is a third grade teacher in San Pedro and she has a standing appointment with me since eighteen years old. Every my gosh. She gets her haircut and I still charge her. I basically doer for free. I talked to her sixty sixty five dollars for a haircut and she tip speed thirty five. Oh my God and she comes here salon she could come to my salon and even Gen does like Shaquille. Can you come to my house on Friday at four to blow dry my hair? I'm Bonnie Jennifer Aniston knows about Bonnie generators and knows about bunnies is aggregate. Do Bonnie and then come over this camp. Would I got mega celebrity? Jennifer come to your salon just like a regular person. You always go to her all the time. She loves it so like she might. She might be behind. Bonnie like waiting to check out no she took check. I set my soul on as an old nineteen thirties bungalow house. So it's very private anyway. So it's very easy and comfortable for people like Jennifer to come and get their hair done and I am kind to like in the center so she knows everybody that works with me. Everybody knows I do her hair. So it's not like nobody's bothering her and everyone does that. I'll kill them if they do that. Like all ends. I got a sharpie asking for an autograph. Nobody is the you know every now and then you'll see like someone walked by like. Oh I'm just checking my messages in l. But I'll I'll check them. I'll be like excuse me and they're like sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry the phone away. Have you really done that have you? Have you really checked somewhat? Of course that's how he stays in the bids right this long. I have to think though Bonnie's been around since you were eighteen age. You okay there. You go do some math people. But that means you've seen her through a lot of trends and styles your other clients regret any of the like styles or cuts you've given anyone in the past not really. I've always gravitated. I think I think I have. I'm not like trying to prove myself and do something crazy and be the most creative. I really truly do want people to look the best that they can look but I also do love change like Linda Evangelista when she had long hair and she went short la that change. She looked just as good. You know and I watched you know Madonna Gino and her changes in and people like that like I always been influenced by change. I remember ruined. My mom had long. You know she had like Pamela Anderson Farah Fawcett hair and she came. Back with highlighted. Low Lighted Cheryl teague hair And then and then from that she you know like in the eighties. She cut her hair short and it was sort of like the Lori L. Freehold Moose campaign like my mom came back as Rachel Ward. You're no character and so I've seen really beautiful changes like. That's the kind of change as I like to see. I'm not trying to like be dramatic in and prove myself through hair but I like to change people's hair like my own that has like feathered hair. And then you give them a Bob that was you know a really Nice Change. You just mentioned yes. You're you're not really working in the salon but you're you had been working on the morning. Show the hairs like good but not great. I'm not being rude. I'm saying it looks like a real news anchor. Yeah well that's what was then purposeful. We did that as we you know. We wanted her to be wanted. Alex Levy to be relatable. Almost you know I mean. It's a moment if you the Steve Corrales character can't even think of his day. Right that's lug it's just got fired and she's unraveling yes is stressed and Jews touching her hair a lot and it's all do for

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