Feel Good Habits with Jordan Samuel

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If they're another habit before I to he question super easy but honestly for me and I don't know about you or anybody else but Vena former dancer loving music and for me. My like outlet used to be even jogging on the treadmill doing the elliptical with headphones and listening to good music or even taking Zuma class but is it does not have to be a structured workout. It doesn't have to be anything on the computer but putting on music on a speaker in your headphones like I'm watching my husband right now. He has his headphones listening to good music. But listen to good music and just dance around. Move your body. Just I mean movement. In general we know is a great habit. A great thing for buying absolve skin everything but Put that music on while you're cooking dinner dance around have fun. Just have your own dance party. Honestly have your own damn dance party because it's so good. It's so good for your body. It's so good for your mind and I just think that I can't imagine people and I'm sure some people are in there blasting their music in their indoors but it seems like things are quieter at least around here in Seattle quiet. I don't hear music in the building. I don't hear music outside. All here is the news which is not great so good uplifting music dancing around and just like work at help. I've got a business idea. Iffy house policy the APP. Yes went don't party with Jordan. Samuel would be in that party and also I've done view these interviews now and what's really struck. Me Is how people are saying that the skin care routine is always a good habit but is something that they then looking at it in the same way as they were so what used to be. Maybe perhaps quite functional all I want to do that. I want to use this to get this result. It's now definitely becoming more of a pampering experience and I wondered whether you've changed that as well well for me being in the skin-care World I've always made it a superpower inexperience. Also because it's whether I'm trying a new product out from our lab or my lying or from another line or from friends line or something like that. I've always really used it as I'm also a big believer in facial massage so I do take time in my routine anyway But yeah that routine is happening like clockwork morning tonight. Because that's reminding like Goto but I'm happy. I'm happy to see the people. Yeah are are sort of also seeing the point in everything they're Using I think by having to be more pampering having it slowdown a bit having More self care they can look at each product and see its function instead of sort of like. You said I mean yes functional. But sometimes it's just use X Y and Z. Because you've been told to use X Y and or because you but now to really look at what each thing is doing what it's bringing and And if it's serving a purpose for you do

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