'Political game'? Governors push back on Trump virus charge


As president trump verbally journalists with the nation's governors over whether there's sufficient corona virus testing available to safely reopen the economy administration officials have been detailing federal efforts to close any gaps there's been over forty million quote in the market place but we have an end to end the issue that we needed to deal with at Monday's White House briefing assistant health and Human Services secretary admiral Brett share our knowledge actual testing has fallen far short because of supply issues with key elements such as swabs centers for Medicare and Medicaid services director Brad Smith says the administration is using the defense production act to help a main company ramp up production well in Ohio company is also joining the effort we're helping them convert their line for making Q. tips into making swab success together that should have some thirty million testing swaps per month well the department of energy's Oak Ridge national laboratory is putting its injection molding capability to use they're in the process of ramping that up to create collection tubes Ben Thomas Washington

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