Mayor says virus has hit black, Hispanic New Yorkers hard


Governor Cuomo says well the state has once again recorded a single bank the biggest day death toll with seven hundred and seventy nine people dying of a corona virus there are continued signs of a flattening of the curve he says the three day average trend show some hospitals are now releasing more people that are coming in there is good news and what we're saying that what we have done and what we are doing is actually working and making a difference we took dramatic actions in the state we knew your paws program to close down schools businesses social distancing and it's working it is flattening the curve can we see that again today but he warned that grim days were ahead for those who were hospitalized earlier the number of deaths as a matter of fact the number of deaths will can can you to rise as those hospitalized for a longer period of time passed away and he along with mayor de Blasio today made note how Kobe nineteen was disproportionately affecting the Hispanic and black communities today the governor showed photos and names of new Yorkers who died of corona virus and ordered flags to fly at half mast New York state's death toll has hit six thousand two hundred and sixty eight the state now has more confirm virus cases more than one hundred and forty nine thousand than any country in the world besides the

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