Coronavirus: List Of Canceled Or Postponed Hollywood & Media Events


The outbreak of the corona virus. More than twenty thousand music events between January and March have been cancelled or postponed in China and Hong Kong costing two billion in ticketing and box office losses. According to the China Association Performing Arts with the disease reaching more than forty countries billboard has compiled an ongoing list of major concerts and events that have been postponed or cancelled due to the outbreak. Now they do have a list that includes January and February but since we're in March I'm just in March so march. I set it off called off dates in Asia on Sunday. Due to unforeseen circumstances and for everyone's safety the ban also cancelled their opening slots for Jimmy eat world on March twelve and thirteenth in Manila and Singapore March. Second Wolf parade cancel European and UK dates for the tour supporting their latest album. Thin mind the first show was scheduled for March second. In the Netherlands March second Luchino coil cancelled their tour of Asia and Australia are home region of Lombardia. Italy is in the midst of a con. A Corona virus break. Everyone's health and safety must come first and this includes our fans March Third Malamah postpones his upcoming concert in line amid outbreak. Italy march third ultra Abu Dhabi. The Middle Eastern edition of the Miami Bass Festival is cancelled. It will set to happen in March fifth or six March third where I carry. His postponed postponed her Honolulu date until November. I was so excited to come back to Hawaii on my anniversary month. But evolving international travel restrictions forced us to consider everyone's safety and will being march third where to singer. Young blood called off a tourist later to kick off in South Korea as well as shows in Japan Hong Kong the Philippines and Singapore. At first I was going to say. Fuck it and calm but we have been advised again too seriously. Not March third. Ultra music festival flagship. Miami Festival scheduled for March Twentieth through the twenty second is called off. According to the city officials slipknot postponed a planned Asia tour slated to kick off a march twentieth with a two night. Not fess were fellow. Hard rockers. Whitesnake sons of Apollo. And Michael. Sh- NECKER FEST OFF cancelled dates March fourth as a result of apple pulling out of this year south by southwest festival along with twitter. Amazon. Tick Tock facebook and other major companies Spike Jones. Bbc's story documentary is not slated to premiere at the event. Nine inch nails has also dropped out of the film. Portion of the annual film are at the Annual Festival Dinesh Nell says. We're sorry we won't be giving our watchman keynote at South by southwest share because we had some surprises in store however it was the right decision March fifth Louis Thomasson tweeted to fans at the president of the Council of ministries had decreed that his march eleventh show at the fabric in Milan had been called off March Fifth Queen and Adam Lambert notified fans that the group's plan may twenty six show at the Acor hotels arena in Paris has been postponed following a government decree and France to cancel all indoor events over five thousand capacity's capacity in France until the thirty first of May in an effort to contain the spread of Corona virus. The Band said they are working with promoter to reschedule the date and will announce a new one soon march fifth organizers of Tomorrowland winter and France and stars that they have canceled the twenty twenty winter edition of the Electronic Dance Music Festival and Tomorrowland winter. Twenty twenty was set to run March fourteenth through the twenty first at the French. Alpine ski resort in out. Bay Day I do not say French word but yeah so. Don't be surprised if we hear. Coachella will be cancelled and teen choice award winners. Salmon Colby have announced a thirteen date Paranormal German tour across the US that includes stops in New York Chicago Nashville and more Cumulating with an appearance at the Fonda in Los Angeles on May Twenty Six. That's still set to go. Hopefully it will continue now onto the top. Ten songs played in the United States according to Apple Music. Roddy which is the box is back at number one low baby gonNA heating up temporarily held that spot but I knew radio would be number two LAVAR that way number three low baby commercial featuring losy fart number four low baby ain't GonNa Heaton up number five baby scarred number six little baby. Whoa NUMBER SEVEN LITTLE BABIES. Something approved number eight. Live off my closet. Featuring everyone's favorite feature future again got ever INS favorite feature future and again this little baby number nine bad bunny latiff cell number ten future drake life is good now. Let's compare that to the top. Ten songs played globally according to apple music number one rowdy rich still locally and in the US That's the box number two lows evert that way number three low baby commercial featuring Lil boosie. Burt number four little baby and GonNa Heaton up number five of the weekend lining lights number six future featuring drake life is good number seven bad bunny loudly for cell number. Eight bad bunny. See via Tom Mama. Yano only language I speak is English so I can't pronounce that now. Fighting English could barely pronounce English. Words number nine low baby emotionally scarred number town. Little baby will now. What have I been German so I ran through? Little babies might turn. There is a reason why is all over the top team in the US and globally? It jams I don't have a fall of standouts but live off my closet. That title trips me up. 'cause it don't make sense. I want to say live off my chest or live from my closet but live off. My clothes closet does not flow naturally. But the SAN's slaps forever will low Wayne and catch the sign. I really enjoyed to keep it. Real kid is talented but not really my cup of tea. I may listen one more time I had never heard of G. Herbert until

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