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Californians finally get to play presidential kingmaker


Super Tuesday is in two days and this year California will be one of the fourteen or so states holding a presidential primary guy Mars Roddy politics reporter for KQED is here to fill us in and guy with two days left before the primary our candidates finally making their way to California they finally are Bernie Sanders is in San Jose today in Los Angeles later in the afternoon Elizabeth Warren coming on Monday Joe Biden on Tuesday I think it's particularly important for Sanders as he really can taste victory in the state the latest KQED polling has them far ahead of the field with thirty seven percent of the vote I think for a second reason he's relying a lot on N. P. P. or independent voters in California to cross over into I think it's important for him to get the message out to independent voters that they can trade in their ballots and vote in the democratic primary and in California has transitioned to early voting do we know how many people are still waiting to turn in their ballots I know I'm one of them me too and it look as of Friday only eighteen percent of mail ballots had been returned that's way below what experts have projected at the beginning of this election I think for no surprise the field is still pretty crowded there's lots of candidates still in their voters want to hold on to their ballots into the last opportunity before they go and that's actually spilling into the endorsement primary we've seen top California Democrats governor Gavin Newsom center comelec Harris former governor Jerry Brown all hold off on endorsing A. Smith who's the consultant for all three was this week's guest on political breakdown here's what he attributed that to I really think it's one of these things where the the bigger door shows are as confused as everyone else politicians they're just like us I think that's no surprise given this crowded field all right thanks guy thanks to finish that with KQED's guy Mars a Roddy and I'm Tiffany canali KQED news

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