Riot boosting bill passes South Dakota Senate committee. Utah Senate passes MMIW bill to create task force. Lakota writer remembered as advocate, leader and family man.


This is national native news. I'm Antonio Gonzalez South Dakota's riot boosting. Bill got a thorough hearing at a special meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday night. After nearly two hours of testimony from opponents committee members still voted six to one to pass the bill along to the full. Senate for floor debate. The state says the law fixes problems that were deemed unconstitutional. In last year's version of the bill opponents say it still restricts speech and assembly through intimidation Victoria. Wicks has this report dictators and is a lobbyist for the South Dakota Sheriff's Association. He says law enforcement officers can use the riot boosting law as a tool to protect opponents as well as proponents for Smith has never perceived their part in this. Play to be one-sided when we go to one of these we see our job as the one that is supposed to protect both sides but some opponents say they were at standing rock protesting the Dakota access pipeline and there they saw government and private security officers intimidate an attack protesters now. They're afraid the riot boosting law will offer an even greater threat of arrest and prosecution in South Dakota one of them is joy braun a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe an organizer with the indigenous environmental network. She says some interactions with law enforcement officers at standing rock. We're friendly and pleasant. Sometimes they trade with US. Sometimes they smudge with us. I shook their hands but she says not. All interactions were positive. How do I reconcile when there's Twenty Eight Jersey Barriers in twelve feet a razor wire and they're throwing water? Camman's Atas for six hours and twenty eight degree. Fahrenheit weather who protects US Braun asked the senators to uphold the First Amendment as ardently as the uphold the second for National Native News. I'm Victoria wicks in rapid city. South Dakota the UTAH. Senate passed a bill this week which creates a missing and murdered indigenous women and Girls Task Force Nine members will include state lawmakers advocates tribal citizens and law enforcement. The group will work with tribes and report findings to the legislature in November. The task force mirrors other efforts in neighboring states Arizona and New Mexico. The bill now heads to the Governor. Lakota rider. Charles Trimble. Who passed away. This week is being remembered for his contributions to native American journalism and his work in Indian country as an advocate and leader. His niece. Judy Cornelia says has professional accomplishments fill volumes including as an engineer founder of the American Indian Press Association and Executive Director of the National Congress of American Indians. Cornelia says he was a caregiver to his entire family and was like a father to her generous with his time and wisdom. He was a complex but simple man who really embodied the fundamental tenets of our yacht day our family our tribe our culture you know that generosity the understanding compassion commitment to The family instead of you know his personal his personal eagle and while he was you know respected and honored across the globe. I think the things that he treasured most were the appreciation of his family for the things that he gave us. When I say family I don't mean just blood I mean the Oh yuck. Ar tribe that gained so much from him he was stellar. Trimble was born on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. His health had been declining in recent months. He died a little more than a week before his eighty fifth birthday. I'm Antonio Gonzalez.

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