Umatilla tribes close casino and halt tribal events as coronavirus precautions. Years-long leadership dispute of Cayuga Nation leads to fight and arrests. Northern Arapaho Tribe declares emergency due to methamphetamine abuse.


This is National Native News Antonio Gonzalez a presumptive positive case of the corona virus has been declared on the U. Mattila reservation the Oregon Health Authority contacted the confederated tribes governing body Monday to alert health officials of an exposed employees at the tribes. Wild Horse Casino. The individual is hospitalized in Washington state for treatment. As Casey you WSB Giselle Half Moon. Reports officials took immediate action. An emergency command center being headed by Lisa Guzman. Ceo of the Tribal Health Center has been initiated with support by members of the tribal government staff. Health facility personnel had previously participated in multiple discussions with numerous agencies regarding the corona virus and as a result were able to quickly address the case development on Monday morning as a precaution tribal leadership issued immediate closures for the Community High School Head Start Daycare and senior center until all facilities have been fully sanitized. The tribal casino is also temporarily closed to conduct full cleansing operations but is expected to reopen and twenty four to forty eight hours. In addition all community events on the UMATILLA Indian reservation are cancelled for the week of March. Second through the eighth. This is just sell half moon reporting from the humid Silla Indian reservation now low nation lawmakers on Monday discussed what efforts the tribe is taking to address the corona virus. A team has been established to monitor plan. Prepare and coordinate precautionary efforts the Navajo Department of Health reports. They're currently no cases of the krona virus on the Navajo nation but the tribal health department is monitoring a case in Arizona. Meanwhile the Indian Health Service is following normal policies and procedures for respiratory illnesses. A fight over leadership of a New York tribe has led to arrests. Ws KGB's Silia. Clark has more. The causes of this conflict goes back over a decade and involves the site of several buildings. The leader of the federally recognized you. Nation Council recently ordered the late night takeover and demolition of a dozen buildings under the control of the Traditionalist Unity Council they included a schoolhouse and longhouse used for traditional ceremonies. That leader said it was done to reclaim property. Stolen from KU nation. The traditional leaders called destruction of the buildings acts of terrorism and treason against the Cuyahoga nation. New York Senator Chuck Schumer has called on the Justice and Interior Department to investigate the destruction of the buildings. I'm Celia Clark. The northern Arapaho tribe has declared a state of emergency amid a crisis of Methamphetamine Addiction Wyoming Public Radio Savannah Mar reports the northern Arapaho. Business Council has directed all tribal employees to make combating meth addiction a top priority at a dedication ceremony last week tribal leader said. This isn't a new problem on the wind. River Reservation Matthews reached a crisis level. Here years ago but business councilwoman CLORINDA calling thunder said. She believes the tribe can overcome. It can do it. Free better people. This journey has eradicated or call her. This comes about a month after the OGLALA. Sioux tribe declared a state of emergency over Matthews and its role in the high homicide rate on the Pine Ridge reservation. The northern Arapaho tribes declaration also establishes an Anti Meth Task Force and a series of community listening sessions for National Native News. I'm Savannah Mar and demand. Tony Al Gonzales.

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