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Stalking a Short on Bitcoin


Today in the markets guess what gave a market a Bush mock. I don't mean the market that I tried and did you try to count the number. Love me for hope. Anyway I'm talking more about the futures in the US. Of course. I'll have been talking a little bit more about that off light because it has been talk of the town has been moving quite extraordinarily. It's not a market that I focus my attention on or take people to try to teach people to try cryptocurrency because this volatility what we get that more frequently and now you understand why not try traditional markets and wiped away a couple years ago. To focus on crypto full time. I'm we're up on the close. We're up a thousand over thousand points on the E. Mini four point five percent. The and the s over spots are the s all the S. and P. Five hundred has resigned above three thousand again that appear at people like the fact the Mr Bloomberg has Bildt on the rice and Mr Bernie Sanders is less likely to to win. I think this seems to be a parent from what's happened to the markets are the things that come through that I've seen is the The the primary it appears the business seems to think in markets for that medicine to think. That's a Baden government a better a better outlook full business than I sanders. One and I forget. The market is a complete replication of capitalism. I it's it's what it is. It's about making money it's about you know. Markets go up if money's being made if things are positive So that Swab. It appears that Baden has been given the thumbs up by the markets as he did creep ahead. That's for sure so talking back across to To Amok at the market that I do try democracy. I do get people to learn about teach people to try his KRYPTONITE. Had A great deal moment a great deal of moving on? I'm market over the last twenty four hours with pretty much flexible there. There are a couple of exceptions in all. I'll speak to those in just a moment. One thing I wanted to talk about is if you're not following me on on facebook. You really should be Craig Cobb. That's a Double Bay for Bravo not day God on the fish when I was called as in kkob cow Hasn't yes I know you're saying on the voice corn on the cob all of that one before jolly you say we have had a stimulus. Packages can obviously Hong Kong suggestive funded. Something point something billion three point two billion. I think it was and we've had a believe. Sean has also come out and said they were going to stimulate put stimulating talk of people that need to state high getting up ten thousand dollars for doing so to rip To sort of I suppose gave the incentive to stay high because a main think about somebody who who doesn't work for office here so what is out there and who does physical labor. What are they doing right now? Steinheim and do what from high while the flora can swipe itself from harm Is it site? There is a lot of paper especially the Guide to saw on. This was what the stimulus packages around the world. There to sort of help with so people actually do take. Hey to the advice and stay home now. What does that mean well? Stimulus is not a bad thing. As long as it doesn't lay damore printing of money now of course the US has been exercising. It's it's Apparent right to print money for a number of as a matter of fact it started in two thousand nine hundred ninety recently stopped on. I think it'd just find out the press guy So far as quantitive easing goes in the printing if further money I think it'll be very very interesting and potentially very dangerous if other countries to sort through the site because you know if other countries go out and so we've got lots of money then it's I don't know how they will react to that Americans have gotten away with it because they're America. Okay that the dollar's seemingly backed by their eyesight that the defence force. Because you know it's not it's not a gold pin currency anymore and oddly enough they feel to Conley battered if other countries would go out there and press now. This is not something. I'm an expert on. I'm just looking at this guy. Well if if you know if the market's wonderful further we interest rates more or less globally the silo. We haven't got that Fatah guy. What will the weapons that we had last global financial crisis? Well let me tell you what those weapons were. Those weapons were number one. We had interest rates to cut interest rates to make it easy for bank. Selanne which was alive all right. Let's go do those opportunity there number three well if all else guys to the bottom of the barrel print more money okay. So they used all three of those to push the most the longest bull. Run that we've had in modern times. Now what are they this time will Jason Tonight? Qa that's bad it stimulant lights. It's it's hard to see what sort of weaponry that they have out there at the moment to continue to stimulate growth Markets Steinke forever. And it's going to be interesting so I said keeping a pretty you type in view. I suppose that everything's going to be okay but also the back of my mind. I am starting to read a little bit more When it comes to government policy Saudi Arabia doing on Titan little notice than I normally would just so that I can be ahead of the curve is more important to me than anything else brought now. Let's go throughout market and have a little little challenge. What's going on Bitcoin? Thousand seven hundred forty four dollars point two percent now. The thing is if you look at the two hour shot here. There's a try that I call the you've heard before the bitcoin rake and there is one way to test was not quite. It's it's better saying on the bit mixed job support. They'RE GONNA have locust one of my strategy's not they're incompletion and you haven't with the rules unless you do and if you do good if you don't stay away you're already but it is building there. We do have a bit of a daily downturn do gacy a short today. I will take good thing is I just did my scan. I've tried but long short Tries TO WIPE APU bucks. Got Pretty much everything that I'd like to have the mind pretty good pretty good watch this today. Their aims down but pretty much flat. It's two twenty three. Seventy six six up pays up point. Three Senate twenty three point five cents. We got bitcoin cash three dollars. Sorry three dollars. Three hundred nineteen dollars. Ninety five cents. It's down two point. Nine percent the biggest fuller across the board has to be said it is Vail. It's just changed. But his two hundred and thirty two dollars and ninety five cents. It's down six point. One four percent. There was a pullback into an all support level and it was a little bearish candle in that cradles on. Potentially that could have been a tribe. Did I take it did I say yes? Why Not Take it? Well a believe you find. It is rule number five in the cradle tried law coin sixty thousand forty nine cents is down a US three dollars and fifty nonsense. It's standpoint non. Barnes is in the grain. It's at one point three five Senate nineteen Dole's at a nonsense not looking at the moment for any longs on Bonnets. Although there is some support styling Resist inside and build also fuxing in the moment on trading with trends trading Focusing on tries in the direction of the daily trend that is my focus at the Mon- that's where my focus will stay because that is with a high probability opportunities live at the mum. I took it tried yesterday against bitcoin lower risk because my bitcoin trying to guidance bitcoin an Ulster Bitcoin. Looking a loss. It's been pretty crap for me this year. It's not it's not been a area of big profit it's actually being a losing area for me The perpetual contracts against doll. That's been very successful this year And that has always been a focus for the tribe simply because he got one stable which is the US. Do pitcher whether whether it's cooled but you've also got one very volatile whereas if you try against Bitcoin you got to be very volatile and this year. It's it's just you know the ones that have taken a little older. But I've had more stop outs profits having one of the one of the other prophets. I'd closed at because I was helping the old man get better than old man. Philo Look after elevate shaking soy just close the trade Before stopping it's been a bit topsy. Turvy FOR MATES. Bitcoin a much more preferring trading against the US perpetual with modum and that's why of reduce my risk Katana at four point eight cents would also point two percent. Therion classic is It is not the biggest movies. The downside anymore it was it is down six point. Six six percent who ominous at seven dollars? Ninety one cents Candle that it's just too big and Tron ran out. The top. Ten is at one point seven cents. He's up point six of either.

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