Mexican women plan historic strike against femicides


And in Mexico. Feminists are calling for a national strike. March ninth one day. After International Women's Day to protest skyrocketing gender-based violence in Mexico calls for national striker being led by the Mexican feminist group which is of the C- The strike has been referred to as day without US calling on women not to go to work or to school to stay out of the streets and to avoid participating in the economy in any way for twenty four hours. This is a member of which is of the C. C. Under he is must believe that women in Mexico are tired of the different types of violence that are committed against us in all spaces. It is not only femicide crisis but also the day to day in homes in schools on the street on the job. It seems that there's no place that is safe for us. Plans for the national strike game momentum after the brutal murders in February of Twenty five year old Ingrid Skamania who was killed and mutilated by her partner and seven year old. Fatima who was kidnapped and later found dead wrapped in plastic bag in Mexico. At least ten women are killed every day

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