Biden rallies establishment in bid to turn back Sanders


Biden Wins. Every county in South Carolina from the hills to the C. Colossal victory in the first representative state. Is this the second day of the rest of his political life? Well it certainly feels that way. I mean look at the last forty eight hours. You have money which he hasn't had you've had endorsements you have people on the hill rallying around him. There's a Russian expression I think Peter might know it Success has its own aroma. That when you start winning that something happens that there's sort of an aura. People wanted to see him win. It's not just that he won one really big. And the the proportion of the African American vote the way he dominated constituency which is so important in a Democratic primary centene incredibly powerful message to people who had been wavering about him Peter Baker I recall a donald trump using biden's name a time or two in the past. Have you any evidence about how the president is processing the Biden Victory in South Carolina? I'm really what it may mean for the rest of the race. Look I think we know that the president would rather see Bernie Sanders. He's Kinda Telegraph that as his opponent. Candidates are notoriously bad picking their opposition. They they may not always have the right decision on that. But I see the contrast between the socialist and his version of capitalism as advantageous choice for the fall so tonight at the Rally. You heard him go. After Biden. Newly Resurgent Biden. Pretty harsh terms. He mocked him as feeble minded. Kind of has been ridiculed the vice president for his verbal gaffes lately confusing names saying that could be tomorrow's Super Thursday instead of Tuesday that kind of thing and he seemed to relish it but at the same night is trying to stir the pot. He's trying to get the sanders supporters. Upset whatever happens if he would lose if he were to lose. The president is saying is because it was a coup. That was the phrase there. Were he used today? I think on twitter because he wants to say they're the establishment is stealing it from Bernie Sanders in his view. He wins either way. He gets a candidate he wants and Bernie Sanders and a stark choice. Or you know. He gets a moderate Democrat to face but makes the laughter try get the left anyway. Upset BECAUSE BERNIE. Sanders did get what he says is fair do congresswoman. It's hard to imagine and fast forward through the history of the Democratic Party to a time where there has been one colossal consensus figure in the Democratic Party coming off his historic two-term presidency. He and the former first lady are often at the very top of opinion polls for most admired man. Most admired woman talk about the Barack Obama effect potentially on this election. Well I think it's a significant effect and I don't think it just rest with president former President Obama. I think you know when you look at people who were central to the Obama Administration now coming out in support of Joe Biden. That is in some ways telegraphing where the OBAMAS are and so. This shouldn't be a surprise me. We in some ways it would be kind of odd. Obviously if Vice President Biden didn't get the support of these allies of President Obama. We'd be all over that that. I do know Susan. Rice endorsed today among others. Well she did and I think that you know when you look at the range of endorsers especially today from Susan Rice and shoring up the foreign policy backing Joe Biden on domestically to have better work. Stand there along with Buddha judge or with char that makes a huge difference. Those are big signals sometimes. Endorsements don't matter at all in a campaign and we overestimate that but these were big Carolina. I'd like to read from you. The work of Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns over at your outfit very simply. The headline tells the story frozen in anxiety. How Democratic leaders leaders struggled to confront Bernie Sanders What is the story mean for the future potentially of the Democratic Party? Well it means a couple of things one if you look at that story part of the reason that they had a difficult time building consensus at that point around. Biden is because the campaign was really bad. The candidate was not reaching out to people as obvious as Harry Reid. The money was not coming in. Joe Biden was running in a very old fashioned way. He didn't have the base of say small donors and I think that story gets that and I think everyone should read. It is really the tension that might erupt if the Democrats are successful in kind of building up Biden as the Anti Bernie and prevailing like do they risk alienating. Some of the young people especially young men have gotten excited about Bernie Sanders to your first point. Sometimes people just like to be asked Harry. Reid came out in the last twenty four hours and endorsed but as they say that would have been nice lovely before the primary in his State. But actually you're raising a good point because today. I don't know if you've heard Biden's remarks he asked for people's help. He asked for their support. So somebody is sort of getting that message to him and Dunn Edwards a blatantly political question. What do you do about the split in the party? What do you do if you arrive at your convention? You'll be there and Bernie Sanders has slightly more of the delegates and that there's a group that wants to nominate Joe by first of all. I hope that we actually don't get to that point because I think it is really difficult. One and I would urge Democrats to stop running the Anti Bernie Campaign. They can run a campaign that elevates Joe Biden support coalescence around Joe Biden without sort of putting a knife in the Bernie Sanders supporters. I think that would be wrong for our party. And it certainly will not help us coming out of the Convention to have fully United Party. I mean Bernie has said that he's committed to that and I actually believe him on that point and I don't think he's GonNa be used as a pawn by Donald Trump. Should he not get the nomination but exit and that kind of exit is really important and so we have to figure that out? And I don't know yet whether burning might have enough to go into the convention and consolidate support and get the nomination. That could still happen. I do think for all you viewers watched Texas if Joe Biden does really well there I think in in Bernie a does well on Super Tuesday but Joe Biden has enough reason in enough momentum to to really challenge him in a number of places. I think there's a really good shot that we go and I'm not just saying this because I've dreamed about it as a reporter forever but that we go to a convention and have a contested convention you guys are on different teams just simply just because the anxiety for anti I get it. Zantac sales will spike Peter. I've got a tweet from Aaron. Blake over at the Washington Post again to keep things fair. Republican members of Congress haven't sent one tweet or press release mentioning Burris Ma or Hunter Biden since February seventh per alleged storm. One day after Biden Win South Carolina. Senator Johnson of Wisconsin sends this letter on a Sunday. No less Sometimes Peter the Republicans are Director. Never Ironic fifth well. Look you know. Burris wasn't necessary in the Republican. Playbook when Biden was down and out he was a fourth-place fifth-place finisher and the early primary states and they had bigger fish to fry at that point. It was Michael Bloomberg on the rise Bernie Sanders on the rise. They were focused on them. Now Biden of course is resurgent. You're going to hear a lot. More about Burris men Hunter Biden. And that's something that Democrats have to take into consideration is they picked their nominee because it is a subject. They're going to have to address the fall. If Joe Biden is their nominee either got to figure out how they're going to answer it how they're going to defend against going explain it. Some of these things can be dismissed as well. President trump was exaggerating. But there are some things that are genuinely troubling to a lot of voters even Democrats who have been disturbed by by some of what they've seen so this is a big factor in a way the Republicans are trying to stir the pot here before Super Tuesday. But it's a reminder that we're playing we're not playing ball and this is going to be a big contest come the fall. Whoever's the nominee Peter you're around to cover the Obama White House year among the former presidents biographers when people ask you what you saw of the relationship between President and Vice President? How easy was the relationship that kind of thing? How do you answer? That's a good question. I didn't start off that easy. In fact these are two very different kinds of personalities. They came from different generations. Different backgrounds different experience levels different introvert extrovert kind of ways of dealing with people but over the years they were together they really did bond in a pretty significant way. I think certainly you saw that by the time. Beau Biden died and Barack Obama gave the eulogy at the funeral. That was about as close a bonding moment as you can imagine between two political figures that doesn't necessarily mean he. He thought that Barack Oh so he thought that Joe Biden necessarily the best candidate to run this year. I think the Rock Obama had his concerns but now that we're facing a choice between Bernie Sanders and one other candidate. You can sorta see as as you put it as Kelly and her colleagues wrote the subtle hand of of Obama coming into play here which clearing the field to some extent of the the other Moderate alternatives that is a biden versus sanders. Kind of contest. Everybody Strap in Super Tuesday star. Hours are great thanks to Peter Baker to Caroline Ryan to Donna Edwards for starting off on manic

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