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Opening Act - Rumors in Rock


First false rumor. Did you ever hear the rumor about Keith? Moon driving a Rolls Royce into a hotel pool. I've heard a lot of stories about Keith. Moon well. He is the quintessential rock and roll guy and bad boy he definitely collected Nazi memorabilia. He may have bitten. Steve McQueen's Hog and blew up his drums win. The WHO played on the smothers brothers. Comedy Hour. I cannot wait to do his episode I am. I have like four books based on. Keith Moon I am. I am locked and loaded. I Love Keith. He is my soul. Well so those things may be true however there was a rumor that he drove a Rolls Royce into a pool at the Holiday Inn in Flint Michigan on his twenty. First Birthday. This is not true. According to Pete Townsend. The story is actually a combination of two different stories. That has become one not true rumor. So Keith Moon. In one of the stories like one of the incidents he left the Hamburg off of a car and it rolled into a pool which was under construction and to not have any water in hit home. Which would be worse though driving? Dr Into a pool with water or driving a car into a pool without water but he didn't drive the car into that. I'm just like either one either or I'm just saying like it just rolled in on its own. Which would do more damage I think you're pretty much screwed either way fair enough. The cars a loss of it goes near the pool. Yeah Okay and then so the second story that this was combined with to create the not true drove. Rolls Royce. Into a pool was that he charged new car to the band. Who refuse to pay for it. So Moon drove it into a muddy pond in his garden and call the dealer to come pick it up. So it's too true. Stories rolled into one story right. That's not true. Yeah Oh yeah. It's incredible and that's not our last Keith. Moon rumor either. Nope our next one which is true now okay. I should say with the caveat that these are true and false based on articles that we both read and so there might be room for error. So this is just like fun. Yeah it's just fun and it's inauguration. It's yeah just what we found. No one has photographic evidence. It's just fun fun so I hope you guys out. Don't get angry and you're like that never happened or that did happen bub-bubba so like don't don't get mad at us is just this is just meant to be fun and a little bit looser so and just for us to kind of talk off the cuff so Our next one. Which is true. Is All about Ozzy Osbourne. Oh my so ozzy. Osbourne achieved infamy overnight after incident on January twentieth nineteen eighty two in Des Moines Iowa during the height of his drug problem. That is putting it mildly. Ozzy Osbourne was performing when an audience member through a bat on stage. The singer believing that it was rubber and I do believe that he thought it was robbery. I don't think he would have. I believe that too. Yeah bid off its head as a stunt only to find out that the bat was real and alive not only that but as he declares in liner notes to the two thousand two reissue of diary of a madman. The Bat wound up biting him as well which forced him to be treated for rabies. The incident fed his rock madman legend along with the one time that he bit off the head of a dove which basically what happened was when he first met with Columbia records in Nineteen ninety-one. He took a live dub into the meeting with him and bit off the head in front of the horrified executives. Awful yeah so crazy man out. I wouldn't sign him to a record deal yeah. He was also arrested for urinating on. Or near the Alamo. And while on tour with Motley crue he allegedly got into a one upmanship. Dare contest with Nikki. Nikki six and I'm sorry that is at is a contest. I would never even get close to know but he ended up snorting a line of ants better than biting the heads off live animals. I think though no okay. The dove thing is kind of unforgivable. The bad thing is understandable. But you snorted a line of ants would if they were fire ants also. You just have ants in your sinuses now. I'm sad I read that. Oh my God you have to elaborate immediately regretted it I apologize. You should move on move on Thanksgiving on next all right. Here's a good one Kay cass. Elliot choke to death on a ham sandwich. Can We bury this now? Please yeah really not cool. I don't like this lie at all. This rumors terrible are you. Doing Mama Cass. Yes I am all right so this came up. Following a series of sold out gigs. In London Mama Cass retired to her apartment where she died of heart failure on July. Twenty Ninth Nineteen Seventy Four. A rumor spread very quickly that she died from choking on a ham sandwich which is just a horrible thing to say you know yes. She was a little overweight route. So it's believed that the rumor started when Dr Anthony. Greenberg the physician who I examined CASS. After her death wrote she appeared to have been eating a ham sandwich and drinking coca cola while lying down a very dangerous thing to do. She seemed to have choked on her ham sandwich. So so great job Dr Greenberg for that one. But point of fact her autopsy showed that a heart problem leading to heart. Failure was the cause of death not a sandwich or any other item lodged in her throat or trachea. She had actually had very little to eat the day before she died like her stomach was pretty clear. No dead I'm actually going to piggyback and double down on a Mama Cass and Keith Moon. True story with us. They were not but they did die in the same apartment. Yeah rockstars have been taken from US. Way Too young and it just so happens that two brilliant musicians died in the same apartment at the same age of thirty two Singer Harry Nilsson I love. That's my alarm. Every morning I wake up to his song. GotTa get out okay. If you've seen the show Russian dolls you'll know why I wake up to a song every day but He renounced his London flat to friends when he was traveling. And so on June twenty ninth nineteen seventy four Mama Cass of the Mamas. And the Papas was staying in the flat while she was on tour and died of heart failure in her sleep and on September seventh. Nineteen seventy eight Keith. Moon of the WHO overdosed on a sedative in that very same apartment which is eerie because they died in the same apartment under the same landlord at the same age. How crazy is that? That's a little

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