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So we're joined here today by Kerrie Roberts Caritas a little bit about who you are and what you do thank you dave. I'm so excited to be here so I like to say that I am a brand. I'm a marketer and I'm a community builder So I work for myself and a company called Brandon connection and one of my main clients is voice summit so I help them with their podcasting strategy as well as lead their marketing for their big event. That'll be in October. That's awesome so I've gotten to know Carey. She actually brought me on the inside voice. Podcast that's Sort of like where. Our relationship started and I just think that it's so cool. Because outside of this podcast that she does she has her own podcast. And then I know that she's the host of another podcast. So podcasting is sort of in her life blood and I think that I've learned a lot personally from her. Just the way that she goes about it in post production in the way. That she disseminates podcast. She doesn't really like thoughtful in a meaningful way. And I think that it's incredibly It's a it's a really good way. I think to to build a network and help to connect that network. I know that's kind of a big theme for you and so I'm curious like You know I wanted to bring you on to talk about your experience on the inside voice. Podcast go through some of the different episodes that you've done in the different guests that you've had but like as you've gotten immersed into this world with like so many of us kind of have In you've done it as like being this conduit of Understanding like who people are different. Facets you've actually probably gotten a really wide education you know into the whole voice landscapes on curious like from this first year or so that you've really started to get involved into the space would have been some of your like macro takeaways You know in in things that you've learned since doing this. Yeah well again. Thank you for the kind words I appreciate it. I've been personally podcasting for a little over five years. And I took over the inside voice podcast and leading their strategy and hosting and kind of running it as their form of content marketing and one of the things that Pete Erickson the owner of waste summit that he and I share. Is this love for connection and community and to really showcase the diverse community that we have in voice technology and when I say diverse that means not only male female Or whatever gender you identify as Lgbtq Q Different races different backgrounds but also different elements within voice. So you know it's not just developers or CEO's it's linguists. It's audio engineers. It's voice artists It's startups it's conversational designers. And so my job is to really make sure that we're hitting the gamut as best as possible And I think we're doing that. I think we're doing that. Not only in the podcast that the events that we host And so for me. I personally love hearing what people are passionate about. What makes them great for every episode? I really tried to highlight them as a person first and foremost And then the work that they do within voice and so. I think you know one of the things that I've noticed kind of overdoing that podcast for the last year or so Is that you know first of all. There's so many people involved in voice and that it's important for us to learn the different things that they're doing And so within that also comes the importance of inclusivity with invoice. You know talking to people and saying okay election. Google tend to be a female voice when not everybody wants to hear that or identifies with that or feels comfortable with that You know when you're creating conversations are you including people in how they speak within their culture within their language translation is not always direct word for word. It's also the vernacular and how do we interact with people Are you including people who have disabilities? Who HAVE SPEECH IMPEDIMENTS? You know that I think really thinking about voice in a broader term And really the big question is how do we include the whole world and make them feel leg? They matter and that they can interact with voice. on a global scale. And that's that's not an easy answer but it's great to see that people are doing their due diligence to work on that and I think that's probably the biggest takeaway from the voice standpoint When we're looking at the other side from the consumer standpoint The challenge there is security and this is something I think people have heard about for a long time Of course people talk about well You know your mobile phones already have enough information on you. Are you worrying about Voice But you know there is concern when you're asking people to use their voice for passwords You know how easy is it for somebody to hack into something to take your important information? Your data your privacy and there is a very high level of concern from a consumer standpoint of. How are the big companies doing this? How are Amazon Google and Samsung Keeping the data protected but also every single person. That's doing voice if you are a startup or you own an agency or you're doing it on your own you know how are you proving to your clients and consumers that you're keeping their data and their information safe and it won't get hacked into. Yeah you've touched on a lot of different things there. I think first and foremost it's it's really cool that Because that is something that I've noticed about your podcast is. It's really really diverse and it's just like you said it's not necessarily like just the people but it's also their backgrounds in their interest. Because I think that one of the biggest takeaways that I had when I went to these different shows like I went to the Alexa conference which is now project voice and then I went to voice. Summit Was just a wide variety of different people. Like kind of coming into the space for different things just like you said like people with a linguist background developers designers. So I think it's so cool that it is like this melting pot and I think that the most insightful I think findings that people have come across. Have been when you have like this. Crossover like you have. People that are applying everything that they know in the linguistics world. And then you have the conversational designers that are coming in and when they're all starting to fuse their knowledge together. I think that's where some of the most interesting thing has come about. And you know going off of the point that you made around security and privacy. I think it's really important that this is something. That is a really centric to the whole conversation. Right now I think it's top of mind that a lot of people are realizing that like I think a lot of the people that are attending. These kind of conferences are They share the same sentiments. You know they are concerned about Where's the state of going? What is this data going to be used for? Are we comfortable with sharing the level of this data like I still go back to a the first Alexa conference that I went to where Brian Rahmani was speaking? And my big thing that I kept coming back to like. He kept saying that will need to have these like really deep relationships with voice assistance in order for them to be more impactful So therefore they're going to need a like a deeper level contextual understanding about the user but I feel like that's that runs counter to trust and security so like I'm only going to be able to. I'm only going to be comfortable with sharing the sensitive information that would make my voice assistant In even better assistant if I if I trust all of that so I totally agree with you that I think those are really critical pieces like as the formative period of time while technologies being built so I wanted to Because you've done so many podcasts. In you've brought on so many awesome guests. I thought that what would be kind of fun to do. While you're on here is to go through some of the different episodes that you've done In just go guest by guest in just have you share like either a key takeaway something you learned from that person or just something that you really enjoyed about that person in the conversation are you. Of course I would love to do that. Okay so I know that you shared today on on linked in or twitter. I saw it somewhere about the media people and so. I've had a chance to meet Claire Mitchell and Patrick. So let's start with Patrick. I know that you've done an episode with him. Patrick Gibbons GimMe something from that episode. Yeah I think you know I just WANNA say Intermedia. A lot of people got into voice because of Gary Chalk myself included the sub. Where I I heard about it. And there's so much hype about Gary and he's an amazing person but I think we really want to that. The people on his team are equally as amazing an equally as passionate And Patrick Really he's excited about stuff on the go here bowls a lot of the space that your in specifically And he also Kinda came from an artistic background and I love that he is willing to kind of reach out and say. Hey if you guys have questions like let's collaborate. Let's interact and so it's not just about okay. We're Bainer media and we're going to do our own thing it's like. We WANNA work with everybody and so I love that he kind of mixes his artistic background his ability to connect with others and then his personal passion within boys about how. It's going to be so much more on the go how we're going to be using curable and what that's going to look like

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