Christopher Lochhead on The Biggest Mistake Made in Marketing


What's at the top of your list when you get up to face the day? Now what's taken up all your time as you get going. Where do you start well? It is surf season. So that's hugely important. You know so. There's always checking of the forecast and And seeing when and where and the tides and so forth. So the you know. That's always very important but I I think beyond that. Yeah My. It feels like both podcasts of of really Blown up in a very good way in the last three to six months or so so. That's super exciting. This episode we just dropped with the real. Da Narcos the two guys responsible. At least on the American side for partnering with the Colombians to Take Down Pablo. Escobar are incredible guys Steve Murphy and Heavier penna though the basis for the show narcos which is now. I think the number two or number three Netflix ever and so getting to meet those guys getting to hang out with them. And getting new record a special two part podcast series with was an absolute life. Thrill and just you know. There's podcasting thing is I I? It sounds Corny. But it's turned into this massive gift in my life. Get to have these incredible experiences that I wouldn't otherwise yeah well and then opens up because I think you said you've got two hours worth of stuff in the can with these guys so you're getting the whole story out of them. You get this fifteen minute puff piece you you get to dig in and the crazy things I mean. Those are the guys that actually did. They're putting their life on the line to make that come together and to get through. Wrap your mind around this. This is back in the late eighties early nineties. Escobar had a three hundred thousand dollar bounty on their heads and the heads of any agent open season on them. They're having to live that every day as part of their daily life Murph was there for three years and was there for six years and there was a point in time Escobar declared war on Columbia twice and almost a third time and there was a point in time where there were as many as thirty to fifty car bombings a day and so every time they opened the car door and it didn't blow up there like a meeting. Was that kind of situation. I mean he they were he was murdering police officers women and children. He blew up a bookstore full of women and children ahead of the school season one year. The numbers that he murdered are nobody knows for sure. But you know fifteen to fifty thousand people. I mean it's he was the world's first narcoterrorists in you know he was one of the most evil guys In history that's crazy and we'll have a link to that so you can get people can get straight to those shows to check those out to more on that but now and so. This is interesting because this plays into what we're talking about when we talk to you to books back talking about category design and how to put a market together. You are ranking on the dialogue podcast category. Which is actually something that you had. That was originally. What got you into the first podcast. So talk about that and where that came from and and how you've worked back into it it's been it's been amazing and here's the CIA. I've now been podcasting for three years. And how long has it been now for John? Remind me it's been like I don't know I think we're heading up on thirteen because two thousand five was the first stuff we address. Marketing over. Coffee didn't start till two thousand seven so that's only thirteen years. Yeah I knew you were over a decade but So that makes you one of the. Og's for sure old man gangster but you know it. So I got started much later than game of course and I think when I started there. Were six six hundred thousand podcasts. Something like that. I can't remember exactly but at the time what people were saying was. Hey look unless you're like a massive celebrity near incredibly well known which of course I am not or you're part of a major media company you know Fox or NPR or or you're an incredibly well funded startup in the podcast page. Wonder you're one of these types of outfits you can't make it so in other words the days of successful independent podcasters or over here and here. We sit three years in. I have two podcasts. That regularly chart the top two hundred overall. Today there are nine hundred thousand podcast and in the business category. We've hit number one here. Here's the hub. I love music and one of my favorite new artists. Is this Gal Lizardo? In the she was nominated for all these grammys and stuff this year and she's just incredibly creative and I think compelling and the songs are fun my wife got me into her and then you had this other young Gal Billy eyelash who won all the awards this year. And she's got all this great music and stuff and so whether you're liz O or Billy. Eyeless your whoever. Here's what they didn't do. They didn't sit there on. And say you know what? Paul McCartney's the greatest songwriter ever. He's sold more records than anybody will ever sell end so fuck it. I'M NOT GONNA be musician. I'm not gonNA write songs. I'm not gonNA perform because I can never compete with the with Paul McCartney. So there's no point he so when I hear this stupidity about Oh you know or nine hundred thousand podcasts. And it's about to go to a million and podcast is over and this and that I'm like well. They're still writing love songs right right. I think we're in the very beginning and I think the success that we've been able to have our team's been able to have. I'm incredibly proud of but I think it's important as it underscores the fact that a a no name with a great group of people can get together. And if you do something that you're committed to and you get your niece downright And we didn't get it right in the beginning. By the way we had to reese but my point is it's still possible. Of course it's still possible. I encourage anybody. Who's interested in podcasting to get into podcasting? If you got something important you want to contribute something of value on contribute or in the very early days and I think the future of podcasting is barely beginning a podcasting. This year might scratch a billion dollars in AD revenue. It's nothing it's mouse nuts. And it's way more compelling and radio and I think a lot of ways it's way more compelling than audio books and in some ways it's way more compelling than video and so I think we're in the very beginning I think there's been incredibly exciting new podcast that have come out. We can talk about if you like. But I think podcasting as a medium for creative people for entrepreneurs for for anybody who really wants to do something cool is wide open and I think for marketers and looking. I'm biased but listen. I'm a three time. Cmo I think I get to say this. I think you're nuts for not sponsoring podcast for not getting into podcasting and for not exploiting this exciting dynamic high growth super cool super creative New Medium.

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