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The New Normal with Phoebe Waller-Bridge


Is an auditor as always thank you so much for coming on first of all. How the hell are you good? I've got into a rhythm I think. Some senior okay. The Sun's out as a sort of calm minnow streets. We shocked by. I are you. Are you an extrovert or introvert? Ike feel you're an extrovert. You get your energy from other people rather than get your energy from alone. Time is yeah an extra energy from other people. They need to learn time but they get their energy from other people. Introverts need society in socializing but they get their energy from being on their own. Who Goes I know she do? You know what I think. I generally think I'm not sure I would say I was next. But I don't feel like an extrovert when I'm being making sense. I remember amy. Schumer went said. She's an introverted extroverts. Because I'm actually really really really loving stopping it in. This was so confusing this whole time. Because there's so much positive that has come out of the absolute tragedy but one of them. I think really is that people have suddenly become so much more aware of one another and this. It's been this big sort of humanizing force and to suddenly be having thought over the last year. I've been traveling so much and been moving so much dislike just go go go and wasn't sure if I how I would feel just suddenly being at home quite absolutely love it. I love the quietude. Such quite huge does now. It's like it's like. It's like quiet with attitude. Yes yes. It's hard Clinton too is quite with attention. I relate to that and again. I'm very aware that you know. This is a global pandemic and people are dying and I don't want to sort of make about my silver linings but human beings are designed or have a vote to see silver linings. That's who we are and we need to find silver linings in order to survive. So it's okay to talk about them. Are you having a ball? Well I think I've got. I am finding exactly what you're finding. I've been rushing around London rushing around the world for so long and I haven't taken the time to stop and regroup because there's always another wonderful thing to do or go to opportunity or something to create an they. Some of these. Things are incredible work. I've been able to do with choose. Lov help refugees or coughing with Amnesty International. I wouldn't take any of it back. But there's always something to fill a hole in your calendar and I think for both you and may have the last few years that's been I think especially true. I'm GONNA say especially. Yeah it's been a wild few years. I think it's just when you have a lack of rhythm soda new life whether it's so mad that you're letting the last year for Fussell Of sporadic and spontaneous instead of it's spontaneous but it's also completely at the mercy of the Hustle and I think when you're hustling and whatever scale every time your life. It's this constant kind of hunt. Constitutive run and when you do stop it's just a sort of water breath talking with family friends and then go again and actually. This is me which people have been saying for a very long time. Which is you have to make time to take stock of it all otherwise very healthy and so. I have tie it now because I find this. I'm finding this not coming over me and I think it's years of tidiness landing now. My Body is allowed to be still. Yeah I completely Completely sort of out for the first week. Maybe it was the second week. Actually when lockdown began and actually just before lockdown began the first instinct was sort of from so many people. What can we do? How can we help? What can we? How can we like mobilize? And then all of that kind of crazy energy that came from all these announcements in the realizations and that sense of falling into this kind of crazy global panic sort of thrown into that so I think the first two weeks and then we'll talk for the first two weeks it was all about the fleabag fund and then actually when that et cetera getting up and running after that I just completely just goes so gross and earl and also are you feeling better now via what's it because it's just you start thinking about my health and competed way way and because it's not only for the responsibility news. Your health is your responsibility to yourself. Because you're sort of like yeah. Obviously we all want to look fabulous all the time and that's the main reason for me. Yes but now we like like if I'm healthy. I'm putting my Momma risk or like other people at risk and it's just been such an amazing like amazing massive wakeup call up after after ourselves and it's not just a kind of selfish exercise book quite literally. Selfish exercise suspecting that I am you. I'm feeding seeing the silver linings and I think the social distancing thing is actually in some ways been good as well because you can't just immediately just go to yourself forbid

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