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Travis Scott's first Fortnite concert was surreal and spectacular



So old. Because I'm sure everybody who is like below twenty five heritage Travis. Scott had a concert in Fort Night. Did you hear about this in four-night yet in fortnight he had exhausted so base. Okay so you know what fortnight is. It is like a big video game interactive game thing and so he had to publicize it and everything so like and they had like five of them so that different people around the world watch it but at seven. Pm Eastern time. Let's just say he they if you logged into the game and we're just like in the game map you're just like hanging out. The whole game map changed and it became like a trippy acid trip kind of like seeing and it had a giant Travis. Scott like animated him like as a little video game. He's a huge and they don't have like a stage per se. They had this huge like almost like space art planet that was floating in the sky in the game and the whole map was the concert and they just played it along with the music and they basically just play detract. They played like four or five of his tracks as it was like fifteen minutes long. But it's just like you think of. It almost is like music video that you could swim around walk around and you online game so like different things happening so like when the Song Change. Sometimes you were swimming. And then he was like kind of floating and other times you're in space. And he had like astronaut outfit on and then other times he was like in the main map which is kind of like a big city and he's like stomping around and you can run up to him and stuff like that and like it was really well done. It looked really cool and I was like this is how people might you know experience concerts from now on. You live music. Who's just playing his track. He was just he was just playing it but clearly this was a very big effort from them to all these he wasn't like he was wrapping into phone or something. But Hey yeah that could be the next thing you know like. Yeah I thought maybe this is going to be something kind of like you know you're while you're there and there's like a concert stage and there's going to be a little. Avatar of him and that would have been fine. But that's like Kinda whatever right like you're you're essentially just kind of recreating shitty experience but this one is like this. He was huge and it was really artistic and it was like it took full advantage of all the technology. Yeah the game which was really cool and I was like. I mean we do not have the money of Travis Scott nor fortnight. So like there's no way we could do like a really cool comedy show. Where like we're huge in. It looks like you're taking shrooms and like listening tour jokes but very if you and I had the money and did like a fortnight takeover and Detroit do stand up those kids would like shoot us from fucking the ground they were taking. It would die and died so you can't do the show anymore but we page you a million dollars. Yeah sorry you know you're you know you're you're HP's too low. You know with the with the crossbow. So it was really cool. And I think I'm curious to see what's going to happen so you just kind of connecting with zoom thing. If we don't do zoom shows you know what else. What else can we do? You know. It's like? Yeah what else we got. What else we got not gonNA talk has

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