2020 NFL Draft: Adam Schefter wonders if Philadelphia Eagles took Jalen Hurts as coronavirus protection


About the eagles doing this review the two thousand twenty NFL draft Philadelphia Eagles select Kaelin heard cornerback drafting Jaylen hurts when you have Carson Wentz while that is wild and so was one of the reasons they may have done so Adam Schefter said quote now in this day and age I've had teams tell me it's more important than ever to have a backup quarterback in this pandemic we're going to be playing next year coronavirus is out there covered nineteen what if your quarterback gets the virus and quote dude that is crazy it's crazy yet it kind of makes sense and the truth of the matter is as good as Carson Wentz is the was a made the playoffs three straight years and he has not really been with them for most of that time due to injury last year I got so bad that forty year old Josh McCown was playing with a pop Tammy so now they've got your own hurts you're covered you got insurance or you have a trade chip

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