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Welcome back to the frame. I'm John Horn. Saint Motel is in L. A. Based band that was started by students. Who met in film school and that cinematic background is obvious? In their live shows I recently saw them in San Francisco and one of their last concerts and it was filled with video projections and multiple costume changes and the film. School connection also is reflected in the name of the band's albums their last two records are called Saint Malo Television and the original motion picture soundtrack. We cut up this week with the band's lead singer. Aj Jackson Saint Motels world. Tour was cancelled by the corona virus pandemic when we were in Seattle. We we got there right as kind of the the Kirkland emergency was happening so in the paper was like when that show happened it was kind of the forefront of outbreaks in the US. We kind of felt the angst that night but when we got back to. La And San Francisco. It felt like it hadn't quite a hit the general at that point. What are your bandmates doing? What are the conversations you're having? Yeah I mean we are all social distancing and but yeah it's it's Kinda crazy like we. We ended the tour just days before we we saw. We like fifty thousand plus people events and then it was twenty thousand and it was a thousand and We just barely missed those quotas As we saw everything get cancelled and then we had to postpone the European dates. One of the things that struck me about what you've done in the past is in some ways you have almost kind of figured out how you can release music and experienced music and a time of self isolation. I was thinking about your twenty sixteen albums. Saint Motel vision and the V. R. N. A. R. or virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. You added that music. Tell me a little bit about about that project. White came about and what you learn from it. Yeah so back in two thousand sixteen A few different friends from film school reached out about getting into virtual reality and their production. Companies were kind of jumping into it and immediately it seemed like a new world of creative possibilities and got really excited and It was really fun and an open up some possibilities like you can look at the album and you can literally go inside of it and dip your feet in the pool So as the goal always being how can you enhance the experience stress from it? So that's kind of what the goal was for that. But it's interesting now that everyone's at home and The OCULUS quests and a lot of people going into these virtual spaces and That there's more possibility. And we're looking at ways to Kinda take our tour that you saw in San Francisco the motion picture show and since we had to postpone the rest of the tour till the fall. We're looking at ways to kind of go into the virtual space again and see what we can do in the meantime to kind of connect people and to try and employ a music industry and creative people at the same time and try to see if we can build something that takes the concept of YouTube live streaming or Instagram livestream. And maybe taken to a virtual space where you can actually be watching these shows next to your friends or strangers and I think there's this impossibility of their. We're kind of poking around it right now. You can get a virtual beer and virtual edible or something else to go along with it and yeah exactly on the floor. Exactly every like. There's there's something we did our first decision to do something. In kind of social quarantine distancing realm. We did this movie club. Where you know the concept albums original motion picture soundtrack. So we all watch movie together in. There's something about livestream youtube and all these platforms. That's amazing right now and you can chat was happening but imagine like the show. You saw vars in San Francisco you know. We had those various scenes right through the night. We we're on Mount Everest and rose like a military battlefield and we were in space and all that kind of stuff. Imagine if you're in the venue and these kind of things like mountains can rise up through the floor or like you know the wall ceiling can disappear. There's ways where you can feel your in a venue and your next these people and you're experiencing this together but it could also maybe even be enhanced in some ways. There is a headline in the New York Times Opinion Section today. It's a perfect time to play video games and you shouldn't feel bad about it. Your recent single song never dies was released along with the playstation game. Mlb The show so it also feels like in terms of gaming that you guys are tied into something that oddly enough is really really popular right. Now Yeah I mean. Video Games has been a big part of the spans success in it all started for us really internationally when we got featured Repeatedly in the NFL Games. And you know we were signed out of the UK right during the last World Cup and You know I guess. Soccer and football used our music. A lot introduced a lot of new worlds and Mlb The show. It's just like it's it's a similar idea. We're introducing the music to He's completely new communities. That might not have heard before. I WANNA play a bit of a track off your most recent EP. The original motion picture soundtrack part one. This song is called Van Horn..

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