Rhode Island tops 100 coronavirus cases; all air travelers will have to self-quarantine


There are new restrictions on travel in Rhode Island in the effort to slow the spread of the corona virus at a press conference yesterday governor Gina Raimondo said starting today all air travelers returning home to the ocean state will be required to self quarantine for fourteen days it's in order to keep you safe and to help us put a lid on the spread of this disease new arrivals will be bent at TF green airport probably by members of the National Guard Rimando says based on what's happening in Massachusetts that she does not feel the need to close the Rhode island's borders all nonessential businesses in Massachusetts must close for two weeks by noon today and a stay at home advisory has been issued for Monday says that means fewer people will be commuting between the two states for work there are twenty three new cases of coronavirus and Rhode Island bringing the state's total to one hundred and six the new cases range in age from their twenties to the nineties for hospitalized in the rest are in isolation at home many of the latest cases have recently traveled domestically but none internationally

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